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: 900 SE Turbo - Improving the handling - advice needed

24th October 2002, 07:35 AM
OK, happy with my 900 SE Turbo. Nice and quick. Loads of space.

The handling could do with a bit of work... looking on Abbotts page they have a selection of:

Lower and Stiffer Springs, 250.
Polyurethane Track Control Arm Bushes, Outer Bushes, 115
Spherical-Joint Track Control Arm Bushes, Inner Part, 135.
Rack Brace Kit, Model years 1995-1998 295.
Rear Anti-Roll/Sway Bar, 145
Stainless-Steel Subframe brace, 100.

Now, my question, is, which combination will give me the best handling if I do it in stages?

Which will make the BIGGEST difference for the money.. and please don't say "all of them..."?

For the first phase I am thing about 600 + fitting costs...


25th October 2002, 09:21 AM
A few things that aren't on your list...

such as ..
Koni Adjustable Sports Shocks.
Rear turret strut brace.

Seriously, look at doing the following in the following order:

Replace steering rack clamp with Abbott rack clamp brace. (Kills torque steer)
Replace bushings
Replace Front and Rear dampers with the Konis and at the same time have the sports springs fitted (Abbott's are good, but so are Eibachs) - And have a full suspension geometry alignment check.
By this time you will think you are in a different car handling wise.
Next big thing is to replace your wheels and go to 17'' running up to 225/45-17 tyres huge difference in grip and more positive bite and turn-in.

And then for icing on the cake, the subframe brace, the rear roll-bar and the rear turret brace.

25th October 2002, 09:43 AM

It came with the 17" 225/45 already fitted and will look at the order you suggest.

By the way, great video that you posted - both of them. Maybe next year, just wouldn't have trusted myself at Goodwood in that much rain...