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: 2001 93 Manual Trans Oil Change - Help?

23rd October 2002, 08:13 AM
I have a 2001 93 2.0L..25,000 miles so far and not 1 real problem, not one... I have always changed my own Man Trans oil on my hondas and now wish to do it on my 25,000 mile Saab 93. Can someone please let me know where the (drain bolt) and the (filler/leveling bolt) are. Once exactly identifying the two I won't have a problem but need to make sure I have the right two. Also I have decided to just continue to change oil using the Saab synthetic man trans oil. Any recommendations would be appreciated but cannot think of reason to use other if regular changes are done every 25,000 miles and using their synthetic. Oh, before I forget, need to know where the Cabin air filter is also and how to change... Thanks in advance for any help someone maybe able to offer...