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: Would a SAAB sport exhaust make my 900SET faster?

900 Hirsch
17th October 2002, 12:19 PM
What's the difference between the Saab sport exhaust and the stock exhaust on a 900SET?
Is it only a free flowing muffler and the lack of of a resonator, or is the pipe bigger?

To get some extra bhp I want to install a 3" downpipe and a racecat. The rest of the exhaust is stock, no resonator and the rear muffler is replaced by a free flowing unit. Does it make sense to replace the complete exhaust system?

19th October 2002, 10:40 PM
Your are correct about the Saab Sport Exhaust, and it is the same diameter as the stock system. Do not think about it in terms of horsepower though. I have a 3" downpipe, high flow cat and the Saab Sport exhaust on my 1996 900SE. It probably gives me an extra 15-20 HP extra by itself. The real purpose of it is to decrease the turbo backpressure and allow for much quicker spool up. I can reach max boost by 2500 RPM and sustain it for longer. So a freer exhaust will not do much for horsepower but it will help your accelerations a great deal. Once you have a free exhaust you can increase boost pressure and gain considerably more horsepower. Check out my website, it has some good info.




900 Hirsch
20th October 2002, 06:55 PM
Eric, thanks for the info!

Your website has been very helpfull finding info about mods I've done and mods I'm going to do.