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: Saab 9-3 Noob

15th October 2002, 10:38 AM
:P Hi all, well im a Saab noob having just got my 1999 Saab 9-3 this weekend. I sold my Nissan 300zx (im soon to be a dad and need the seats) and around the 300z community we had a stage of tune table with expected horsepower gains. I was wondering if the same kind of table was available for the 9-3 and what sort of gains you can expect from, Intake, exhaust mods etc? thanks

15th October 2002, 10:55 AM

well going on rolling-road results from 9-3s and NG900s you can expect something like the following :

Base 9-3 FPT Turbo - 185HP or 210HP depending on model bought (i.e Aero or sport - depends on market).

1. Suspension upgrades (the 9-3 and 900SET handle crappy without them and needed if more power is going in)
2. Brake Upgrades - prolly straight to AP racing kit (if 17inch or larger wheels are fitted)
3. Complete cat back sport exhaust system (JT, Abbott or Remus etc..Free flow sports exhaust + 10 to 15HP (maybe)
4. Sport Cat (could free upto another 10HP)
5. 3inch downpipe (could free upto another 10HP)
6. Sports filter with enlarged airintake to 3inch (5HP to 10HP)
7. Replace standard intercooler for Viggen/Diesel crossflow intercooler. (perhaps good for up to 10-15HP extra)
8. Remove heatplate (if fitted)
9. Fit waterspray injection (keeps temps down, oxygen denser in intake air=bigger bang and more lat for boosting)
10. Atmospheric Dumpvalve install (less turbo lag when on and off throttle)
11. Manual boost controller. (up the base boost, independant of ECU electronics)
12. Hirsh (or other really dependable SAAB tuner) custom computer map ecu upgrade for your upgraded car (can add 35 extra horses and shed load more torque - if custome programmed it takes into account the mods already done and makes a very driveable car).
13. Replace turbo with a hybrid turbo to push more air.(plus another 10 to 20horses..)
14. Uprate fuel system to inject fuel faster (used to support nutter turbo)
15. Gas flowed heads and fast cams (5 to 10HP more)
16. Replace the 2.0litre block with a 2.3 litre shortblock (ala viggen or 9000T) and think about stronger pistons and conrods etc..(now serious power awaits.. in combo with above 9-3 can be pushing out ala 310HP - as in Hirsch Troll R cars.. (also serious expense)

17. Nitrous injection ? - ahem.. just kidding now...

15th October 2002, 01:44 PM