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: I'm considering a used Aero - any advice?

Porsche Guy
14th October 2002, 01:03 PM
All -

I'm new around here and am considering buying a used '94 Aero with 98 k on the clock. It has a new clutch and rear seal, motor mounts, and water pump and DI cassette. The guy wants $7900 and it looks really clean. I plan to have Saab check it out for my $75 before I buy it. Any thoughts? Concerns? Things to look out for?

Thanks in advance


14th October 2002, 05:35 PM
The big thing that will need replacing in the next 5-10k is the timing chain and balancer shaft. Try to use this as a bargaining tool. Aeros do go for top prices and I'm not sure how rare they are in the States. Have a look at /www.quasimotors.com for a good guide to things to look for.