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: Saab 9-3 to be build in Rüsselsheim

17th January 2005, 05:07 PM
Automobilwoche, says that it is confirmed....the 9-3 will be built in Opel plant in the future and Trollhattan will take car in 2006 of building a Cadillac verison of the 9-3ss......take a look at the detail....the cadillac not will be build with the rest of the Epsilon models, mmmm GM is relaunching Saab or Cadillac??

Opel will take care of the devolopment of all compact category products of GM, with the delta platform....

I hope that Saab won't end as vauxhall or Holden.......but with this way....

here you have the news of the german newspaper....I used a web translator....

""""""""""Detroit. The Opel-family seat trunk home has apparently won an important running in the group group GM. According to the information from circles of the management the German location will worldwide probably get the responsibility for the development of all compact vehicles of the group. Officially one is overcast. " The final decision for the developing Highness of the delta-compact platform is met in 2005, but trunk home has good chances ", expressed GM Europe (GME) president Carl Peter Forster compared with automobile week.

The Opel-family work had only in autumn, 2004 the developing Highness for the middle first-class-vehicle architecture (internal code: Epsilon 2) receive. Not only the successors to Opel Vectra and Saab will be based on her 9-3, but probably also a Chevrolet model.

Which GM divisions get the responsibility for the remaining, anew developed global component sentences, the world-biggest automaker has announced few days ago in an internal memo. Therefore, the Australian GM daughter to lovely becomes "Homeroom" for the rear-wheel drive Premiumplattform ("Zeta") which is planned, among the rest, for the next Saab 9-5. The component matrix for medium-sized SUV ("Theta") like the Opel Frontera successor is developed by the Americans in collaboration with Daewoo GM. The "Sigma" architecture which is used for the time being only with Cadillac likewise remains in the USA. Who receives the developing Highness for the small car matrix "gamma", should be clear up to the summer. Same counts to the "Kappa" platform of the Pontiac Solstice, Saturn Sky and the Opel Speedster successor's GT.

Also by the production decisions it well sees from for trunk home. Group-internal counts as sure that Hessen the worldwide written out production order for the Epsilon models 2 get hold. " The decision on which work will produce this platform falls end of the first quarter ", GME head Fritz Henderson brakes compared with automobile week, however, still a little. The competing Saab-family work in Trollhattan should take over to the balance, among the rest, the production of a Cadillac-entrance model which will have his world premiere on the Genevan motor show. Against differently being reports the vehicle will use the platform of topical Saab 9-3 and from spring, 2006 sold - with a sale purpose of 15,000 unities per year. Besides, this will be the first Cadillac which is also offered with a diesel engine.

Still in the first quarter the results of the running location protection negotiations should be also announced with Opel. " There is no horror catalog, but only some old braids are to be taken a short-cut to do the works fit for the future ", says Opel head Hans Demant. Forester complements: " If we can trim all German works on the Performance level of Eisenach, there will hardly be a competition disadvantage towards East Europe - then a location misalignment would no more be worthwhile. "

The work Bochum has according to Demant " good chances to receive the manufacturing order for the next generation of the Astra. " This decision would amount to a long-term location guarantee, particularly as the work will produce the new generation of the compact minibus Zafira from autumn of this year and till 2012.

For Kaiserslautern which wanted to have sold forester originally already in 2002 Opel up to the end of the year wants to find a solution. To the Palatinate component work a spin-off is approaching in a GmbH. The Opel purchase searches in addition a joint venture partner, the orders of customers foreign to group should bring. Forester: " Kaiserslautern has only a chance as a supplier for third customers if about 20 percent of ubertariflichen achievements are melted roughly on the IG metal rate. "

At short notice these plans will not save the result in Europe, kolportiert a loss of 600 million euros becomes only with Opel. Demant: " Pure speculations. " Saab head Peter Augustsson admits compared with automobile week, at least that last year the break-even point was missed once more


17th January 2005, 07:06 PM
Wow, if I downed a few pints and then read this article as is, it would be a blast :suprised;