: help the new guy

17th January 2005, 03:17 PM
i have a 900 t16s 89 with a 92 engine and box thats only done 69k,i am new to modifying it so started with the usual full s/s exhaust, induction kit cut into the inner wing, dump valve, red apc box, 3.0 bar fuel pressure regulator.im stuck as to what order to do the rest-my only concern is to destroy my pals scoobies with a car of yester year that ive been raised on:confused:

17th January 2005, 03:41 PM
This should probably be in the C900 performance forum, and will no doubt be moved there by a Lounge mod ;) If the car is in a good state of tune it is easy to mod the APC by tweaking the pots and changing resistors - there are details on www.900aero.com of how to do this. You should get close to 200 bhp by doing that. Also have a search of the C900 performance forum for some more ideas such as FMIC (front mounted intercooler), Forge wastegate, 3" downpipe and so on, which should give you a bit more.

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