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: Greetings & TCA bushes

8th October 2002, 06:32 AM
Hello all... I'm the one Paco mentioned with the 91 2.3 Turbo that I got a week or so ago. I've already been pulled over by the cops once (thanks to the Tory Conference, apparently) but not for speeding :) I've already found The Other Place (SaabScene) but I thought I should say hello here too since this is where Paddy spends his time...

Sounds from what you are all saying (in his Aero thread) like some new TCA bushes are in order. Is it worth going poly on these? Do Superflex do them?

8th October 2002, 08:32 AM
Hi, John. You found us then?
What I did with the bushes, as I'm an experimental type, was fit new rubber ones first (cheap) and take the old housings and fit SuperFlex poly bushes to them. Then I changed them again (half an hour per side if you don't take the whole arm off). I was able to compare new rubber bushes (much better than the originals!) with new poly bushes (rather better again, and helped keep torque steer at bay).

I didn't really notice much loss of ride quality (anybody else help here?) until one day I realised that the car wasn't as refined as I thought it should be (by this time I had done a lot of mods). It handles really well, though.

P.S. I did these months apart, in case you had visions of me lying under the car changing bushes all day (that was the Kodak Car Club meet :D ).

8th October 2002, 12:57 PM
Interesting, thanks. I'm not sure there's a huge difference between brand new rubber bushes and brand new poly bushes, but there is a big difference between old rubber and old poly :) I like the "fit and forget" nature of poly bushes. I'm in the process of completely poly bushing my XR4 so that should be a real tooth-rattler! I would think just doing the TCAs on the Saab will be mild by comparison :)