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: TCS problems and PCV valve? and a/c compressor?

30th September 2002, 03:23 PM
Well, this has been an interesting few days to say the least!...

TCS poppped up for the first time today on my 93 9k cse Turbo Automatic. Checked the trionic code and it came back for the throttle positioning sensor.

Did a few things here or there - then started it up again and it was fine. Took it for a short drive and about 5 minutes in it kicked in again, and it wouldn't even go into limp home mode.

I had to manually adjust the throttle cable so it would even go into LHM. Until I did, it was idling along somewhat roughly at about 200 rpm. When I went under the hood and jiggled the wire it moved to the limp home mark and I was able to make it home.

Now the interesting thing... (and I'm all for interesting ideas at the moment, since the thought of spending $700 for a new electronic throttle is not appealing at all!) ...while I was tinkering, I noticed a hissing sound. It was coming from the line that goes from the PCV check valve into the intake manifold. I disconnected it, restarted the engine and voila... back to normal!

Any ideas why?

I also seem to recall something about the Throttle Positioning Sensor's relationship to the air conditioning compressor. If there was a problem with the a/c compressor could that cause the TCS to act up and return a code for the TPS?

All help would be greatly appreciated as this is my 4th straight SAAB but my first 9k, and after this my wife is making noises about signs from above that we should be a one car family... and I don't think she's suggesting getting rid of her minivan! Gulp...