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: Jetronic ECU Project Update.

27th September 2002, 11:45 AM
Well, the website has developed a little and the intro page has a new address, click the link below.

Ross has mapped the LH2.2 ciruit and schematics are on the LH2.2 page. Ross and BillJ have broken down most of the interrupts and now I believe are on the main calculation loop. Inaddition, KyleJ has come forward and has offered to help w/ the assembly break down.

The website has now been edited for 1024x768 viewing. I, uh, finally added divisioning. Also, more DI/APC and DI info have been added. Inaddition to the above, Ragnar has provided 3d fuel map images of all the LH2.2 bin files we had available. The images are on the LH2.2 page.

If anyone else has background or knows someone has background in assembly, machine code, etc.. We could definitely use your help!! We have started on the LH2.2 first b/c of simplicity sake then hopefully proceed to the others (lh2.4,2.4.2, etc). Please feel free to take a look at the LH2.2 schematics and download an available binary. [/url]