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: IMMINENT SAFETY CONCERN - Fuel Pump/ A-C Electrical Problems

Evan Holzwasser
25th September 2002, 07:31 AM
Right now my 1992 SAAB 9000S is in the shop and the mechanic has spent 5 hours diagnosing the problem and is completely baffled. Problems began this past spring when the A/C fuse started to blow. The freon is fully charged, the A/C compressor works fine when jumped, and the cooling fan runs fine. However, the fuse blows 5 seconds after pressing the A/C on (suggesting a short), so we've left it off and unused.

But last month the car suddenly would not start. One moment we're driving it, stop a few minutes in a parking lot, and then find the engine would crank but not catch. The car was towed to this mechanic who diagnosed a faulty fuel pump relay and changed it. Just as expected - something with the fuel pump was not preventing it from delivering fuel to the engine.

Worked fine for 3 weeks - but the other day, the car suddenly would not start again after having sat overnight. Same symptons: the engine would crank but not catch. When the car was towed again to the same mechanic, it started right up, but cut right out as it was being put it on the lift. Now suspecting a GROUNDING or ELECTRICAL problem they started to look for something in common with the A/C circuit. They temporarily grounded the fuel pump relay and the engine started up many times fine. They tested the A/C, and after blowing 2 fuses right in a row, it's running fine.

But they CANNOT identify the cause of the problem nor can they ASSURE us this won't happen again. My greatest fear is they have NOT solved the problem, and next time the fuel pump relay (or whatever) grounds out the car will come to a sudden halt on the highway and cause SERIOUS HARM or DEATH.

HELP! Do you have any ideas how to trace this problem - or better yet, what can be replaced to assure it is working reliably.

I am anxiously awaiting your reply. :(