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: Just fitted K&N air filter to 900SE...Results

24th September 2002, 08:01 AM
So..with all the other E-mail regarding K & N Air Filters
I thought I would write a report on what I have found with my new "Performance Air Filter"

Product: K & N Drop in Air Filter.

Looks: Sweeeeet, looks alot better and free'r (???) that the original.

Installation: Drop straight in. (2min)

Car at Idle: A bit un-stable at first but since first turn on it fixed itself up.

Performance....No real noticeable difference, but I can feel something different...I'm not sure what but something feels different, maybe it's my imagination. :o :-?

Next step: I have already cut the internal section of the air inlet pipe off.next is removing it completely and well see how we go..

Results: Im happy, it looks good. It feels different, it sounds different, and heyIve got one!!! :wink: :roll:

So whats next? :roll:

I'm a sucker for these products!!!

P.S. 4 x small crappy products could = one new Viggen intercooler or exhaust system!!!!! :wink: