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: Bad vibrations!

20th September 2002, 11:42 AM
Just got a single polyflex bush fitted with a new standard one on the engine torque arm. Car feels a lot tighter, though there is noticably more cabin vibration/harshness. :)

How do you guys get on with vibration/harshness as I am getting rather worried that I am going to end up with a bone shaker if I start doing a load of suspension mods.
:( :(

Maybe the front bushes will benefit ride etc by being replaced (as well as handling), although I wonder if poly ones will compound the problem. I am hoping that new shocks will iron out the little bumps better than my 7 year old ones, even if the new ones are sportier. :-??

For the record, I have had my wheels balanced recently, so this is not causing the problems. My gearbox bush is a little weak (according to the garage), but I now do not know whether to replace it with a standard one or poly. :-?

For the record, I changed the rear anti-roll bar bushes - surprising what effect this has. :lol:

Oh, by the way, my car has done 88,000 miles, which is fairly low for the class, so I believe. Might try to lower tyre pressure from the current 35psi.


20th September 2002, 05:44 PM
Surprised you're getting that much vibration with one poly bush. I've both torque arm bushes in poly and only get vibration when standing at idle if the ACC kicks in. As the bushes are stiffer they tend to highlight any other problem areas, like the transmission mount. Also front ARB bushes, the lolipops and their bushes to the lower wishbones. I would replace the transmission bush with stock not poly and get the other two mounts checked. 35psi is recommended for the tyres on Aeros so that shouldn't be a problem.

22nd September 2002, 06:49 PM
Thanks, Steve. I'll get the transmission bush replaced ASAP and the others checked out. Something ain't quite right - I could have lost a wheel balance weight as the vibration is much worse at motorway speeds (still there with the clutch depressed) :lol: . Cabin vibration at idle seems to be better after a day or two of flexing the new torque arm bushes.