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: Getting a 1999 9-3 what can I do?

17th September 2002, 07:13 PM
I know already it's not gona be :evil: fast :evil: enough. What can I do as far as suspension upgrades, (and what do you suggest) Computer upgrades (and what company, and why) and what other stuff is easy to do for some cheap HP? (or BHP)
And any good places to get used and spare parts? (like a viggen intercooler etc?)

17th September 2002, 08:25 PM
check ERP's site (listed in the post "Tuning your GM900", he's got a lot of mods gone into in very good detail. There are a bunch of links in the "listings" section of this site for suppliers.

A few I can think of off the top of my head are rework the throttle body transition casting (smooth it out a little), remove the turbo silencer, get a K&N. An MBC will give you quicker spoolup and it's cheap as well.

The first two are free, and a K&N is cheap enough. After that I recommend a new exhaust.

Some limitations of the 9-3 are: smaller intercooler (viggen IC is much better) and small turbo (garrett T25). The T25 (T2small ;)) is a small spools up very fast but it begins to blow hot air very quickly. It is not good for high boost. IMHO there is no use for a atmo dump valve because you will never run enough boost with the T25 to warrant that. But if you like the big noise, go for it.


18th September 2002, 11:47 PM
Go for bigger wheels, 17 or 18 inch. A K&N is a must unless you go for a complete new intake system. Eibach makes a nice combo for a suspension upgrade. I'm looking into a company called chipcenter for a new computer, but can't find anyone with any experience of them. :-?? Abbott Racing Motorsports has a chip for $1100 and claims 35hp.
Zimmerman cross drilled rotors are a cheap upgrade but its mostly cosmetic. A rotor/caliper upgrade will run you $1500+. Go for a new dump valve maybe, sounds like conradfl has a valid point about why one would not be neccesary. :idea You could also do a new cylinder head for $800+ and get 10+hp. A more customized style is also a way to go, carbon fiber or wood scemes. 8) A Spoiler or a painted/tinted grill. . .

Mountain Troll
19th September 2002, 05:50 AM
....It might have been cheaper to buy a viggen straight off, if 'fast' is your goal.

It's always a puzzle whether to buy a lower powered model and modify, or get the 'cooking model'. The cost of ugrades to ECU, brakes, suspension, etc is quite significant, and for safety's sake ought to be done together. (significantly more BHP without bigger brakes/uprated suspension will give your insurers a really good reason not to cough up in the event something bad happening).

I know modding (for some) is the fun, but you can end up chasing your tail trying to get everything to work as it should if you don't enlist the help of someone who knows Saabs (not just cars) IMHO.

Just my two-penneth...

Follow this thread. This guys obviously knows Saabs, and he's done a big chunk of what you were considering...

Good luck!

Troll :)

19th September 2002, 01:02 PM
Yeah, it's fun to DIY, keeps insurance rates down a lot, also I just can't afford (don't want to pay for) a viggen. A) I can't find one for sale, and B) they sell for twice what I paid for my base model. $9900 us (I love ebay)

28th October 2002, 11:45 PM
Ebay does rock! I just bought a 99 9-3 for $7100 on a no reserve auction!!! It'll be delivered sometime next week with any luck! I have a buddy in the AF who has built several Saabs...I'll let you know what he tells me to do with mine.


29th October 2002, 07:41 PM
officeboy - In terms of modding (is that a word?) you are better off with the 1999 9-3 than a Viggen. Your Saab should have a T5 control system, while the Viggen has a T7. The T7 will compensate for performance modifications such as intake, exhaust or MBC to maintain stock horsepower. The only way to really increase power is with a new computer. I had a chance to drag race with a Viggen and beat him by ~0.4 seconds and ~2 mph in the 1/4 mile. Not a lot but my tires are pretty bad.