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: Mintex C-Tech brake pads - first impressions

15th September 2002, 07:20 PM
Well, I didn't get the DS2500 pads in the end, but I fitted Mintex C-Tech competition brake pads (supplied by Howe Engineering in Herts) to the front of my modded '96 Aero yesterday. Bedded them in as per the instructions (being intended for track use, they have a procedure for bedding them in quickly) and was impressed with their warm performance (more in a moment). This evening, I took the car out and deliberately avoided using the brakes until I was doing 30mph, then did an emergency stop from cold (like the stop I had to do with the GreenStuff on the very last day I used them, and the last day I ever will). The results were impressive and I'm confident in using these pads in an everyday car, at least so far. Their recommended use is fast road and light track use, so I believe I've selected a suitable compound for what I'll be using the car for.

Anyway, these pads aren't cheap (100 quid including VAT just for a front set), but they perform better than the Saab pads under any conditions I've tried so far. I haven't often faded the Saab pads, so I can't compare fade resistance, but that's what the C-Tech pads are supposed to do well. I'll see how well they do on the Abbott track day at Goodwood next month.

Friction (bite) is better than standard even when cold and the brakes are very responsive. I was worried they might be noisy, but they are no worse than the Saab pads were on the grooved ATE PowerDiscs, except that they very occasionally give the odd squeak which is probably due to me neglecting to apply copper grease to the backing plates on installation. I'll keep an eye on performance over the next few thousand miles - the GreenStuff deteriorated in just about every aspect within 1-2K miles. They became very noisy, made loads of dust (contrary to their claims) and cold braking performance became very poor, while warm braking performance became unpredictable.

I'm hoping the Mintex pads will do better. They certainly look promising.

16th September 2002, 07:08 AM

In my experience, a little bit of squeal seems to be a fact of life with the harder pads intended for fast road/track use. There's no predictability to it either. I recently swapped my front discs over (they were on the wrong way round, don't ask...) and applied lashings of copper ease but still get the odd squeak every now and then.

Be careful with the ATE discs- as I understand them they're more of a road rather than track spec- the pads might be "too much" for them on track use; make sure you heat up gradually and take full advantage of the cool down lap and, most important, don't rest with your foot on the brake whilst stationary just after you've come off the track.

16th September 2002, 09:03 AM
Thanks, Bubbles. Good tips well taken. ATE do show pictures on their site of an M3 fitted with Powerdiscs, that apparently had some notable track success. They are fixed, though, so may be a bit more prone to warping than floating discs. The squeaks aren't bad at all and are only very occasional (at least so far).

I'll certainly remember not to keep my foot on the brake once I come to a stop - good tip.