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: 280hp 9-3 really is coming

18-10-04, 12:50 AM
in 2005 in SS, CVT and SportHatch.


I'm hoping the base Linear will keep the 2.0L turbo four than use the new 2.8L V6 as NA even though they'll both have the same output of 210hp (but NA V6 has slightly lower peak torque at 195 lb-ft)

18-10-04, 10:41 PM

19-10-04, 01:24 AM

It sure had better be. If you thought the last 9-3 Viggen was bad, this'll prolly rip your arms off :lol: with the torque steer. That's one reason why the Acura TL doesn't always get favorable reviews despite its silky smooth 3.2L and 270hp through the front wheels. Thus no surprise the new RL with 300hp is AWD.


19-10-04, 01:15 PM
saab is also going to have to check it's pricing on this car. the aero is already overpriced

19-10-04, 01:21 PM

Doubtfull, seems that the article is expecting lots of torque steer
70 more ponies, there will likely be 9-3 Viggen-style torque steer on the menu.

19-10-04, 10:19 PM
i really don't think they know much about what saab plans to do. the platform is awd ready.

the new passat which looks pretty good is supposed to have a 280hp vr6. if VW can offer AWD, satellite radio, and navigation then i may be going that route