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: Not leaving the fold but.....

8th October 2004, 11:22 PM
I've got another potential project that isn't a Saab. :cry: I have a customer at work that agreed to sell me her '91 300TE 4-Matic. Pretty ho-hum kind of car. Now for the exciting part.... This is no ordinary wagon. It has a twin turbo kit installed with an intercooler!!!! :o It's getting coolant in the #3 hole and after spending over 20K$ maintaining it over the past 10 years she said "make me an offer" and accepted mine at less than a grand. I'm not holding the title yet :-? but I do trust her word. For those not familiar with the car, it's a four wheel drive wagon with a 3 liter straight six and a four speed autobox. With only 6 psi boost it's claimed to make 292hp and around 340 ft/lbs. This thing is famous for getting 100mph tickets in the left lane of I70 going over the continental divide. :nono;
I'm figuring that since it's only putting pressure in the cooling system under a hard load that either the exhaust valve seat has cracked in #3 or the stretch headbolts have given up around #3. The CIS injection on these cars always have injector trouble. I'd bet the injector went lean skyrocketing the EGT and cracked the valve seat. I've yet to pull the head on it. I'm waiting on the title to do that. Worst case scenario I have to replace the head which is about 100$ used. Well if I already have to go into the motor then I might as well lower the compression and at least get the boost into double digits. The botom end has 200K miles on it. I'm gonna take a close look at the bores when I do take it apart. I'm gonna be looking for a reason to go in and swap for lower compression pistons. If it's still looking good then I'll run it stock a little longer. I'd speculate that with a drop from 9.3 to 1 to around 8.0 to 1, this thing could take some serious boost. In 8 years I've only seen one of these engines with a broken bottom end. That particular one dropped the #1 exhaust valve and completely took the piston off the rod. The rod itself beat a one inch groove in either side of the bore while still holding the piston pin and without major deformantion. :! Mercedes builds some serious bottom ends and I'm really looking forward to putting this one back together and doing it my way. I'll keep you guys posted and hopefully post a pic or two.