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: Daytime Running Lights - Can I disable?

28-09-04, 12:35 PM
Hi - The dealerships (I called 3) are telling me they can't disable these. Saab customer care says you can. Does anyone know if you can - and have you done it? Thanks! Ryan

28-09-04, 02:51 PM
Well, I know you can on the WRX, my roomate knows how. he not around to ask but Im sure if you looke aroing some WRX forums you could find the answer there.

29-09-04, 09:40 AM
Well its definately doable! I got them turned off last night. has all the answers for this. Here is the link. Takes about 30 seconds to do. Goodbye DRL's you will not be missed!

Heavy Dan
21-10-04, 08:16 PM
reach below the dash on the passenger side. you will feel connected wires in the corner closest to the glove box and closest to the passenger door. Unhook these wires from each other and good bye drl's

23-10-04, 09:16 PM
DRL's? Do the non-xenon equipped cars have this because I dont have them.

24-10-04, 04:56 PM
is it "can't" as in unable to? or "can't" because it's a law to require a DRL's in your state for safety?

26-10-04, 04:54 PM
One major problem I have found so far has been the GM/SAAB service department. They have absolutely no clue how to service these Saabarus. "Can't" was because they were too lazy to look up how to do it. I don't think there are any states that require these disasters.

27-10-04, 07:19 AM
I don't think there are any states that require these disasters.

One some that require them when it's raining, I'm sure quite a few. I don't think the US will need to mandate them anytime in the near future. Canada and places in northern Europe need them because of low levels of ambient light during the day. Also their DRLs are of lower levels than here in the US.

In conclusion, if you dislike daytime running lights that much, join the club ( GM is the #1 on the 'enemy' list of the DADRL, Saab is #8.