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: Simple audio questions ...

24th September 2004, 01:18 PM
Hi Saab dudes!!!

I have a 9-3, 1999 that I really, really loves. :cheesy:

Im near satisfied with the stock audio setup ...

But maybe doors speakers with more bass would be pretty cool. But I dont wanna get into a complicated expensive things.

In my old car, I have added Sony Explods speakers. Pretty cheap and good bass. I was thinking about installing those on my Saab. Simple, cheap and should answer to my needs.

1 - Can I simply plug them and get them fix on the door ? Did the stock audio player will have enough "juice", AMP and anything the work well ? Without adding any ampli ... ?

2 - Which size of speaker did I need to buy to get it fit in perfect in the stock holes ?

Thanks, I know nothing about audio setup, and you help is welcome!!

24th September 2004, 01:29 PM
You do have the stock door speakers correct? They are 6.5" I have infinity refrence series currently, but thats not where i hear most of my bass from... :cheesy:

24th September 2004, 01:47 PM
That's right Stalker. I don't have any door speakers ... :(

6.5" is what I need ? Kool thx!

What about pluggin them right there without adding ampli ?

Is this gonna work good ? Thx 'gain!

24th September 2004, 01:55 PM
That's right Stalker. I don't have any door speakers ... :(

6.5" is what I need ? Kool thx!

What about pluggin them right there without adding ampli ?

Is this gonna work good ? Thx 'gain! You may need to use some sort of crosssover network, so the treble, mid and upper bass goes to the dash top then everything else goes to the doors.

24th September 2004, 10:43 PM
If you don't have speakers there now, then you shouldn't have an amp to power them. :roll:

What I am saying is that the amp and speakers go together ... if you don't have one ...

You will need something to power them once you have them installed.

What Ragtop is suggesting is to use the power running to the dash speakers and split it with a cross-over to send the bass to the door speakers.
The alternative would be to install an amp to drive the door speakers.

24th September 2004, 10:55 PM
I replaced all stock speakers in my car with some decent alpines...I run it straight from my panasonic deck:P

24th September 2004, 11:39 PM
The stock amp runs highs in the dash and mids-lows in the doors. Do not just split the wires from the dash speakers as you will run them w/ twice the ohms and half the wattage making the rear speakers louder than the front 4. Remember in audio: you get what you pay for! I know from experince the hard way and some c*** sounding cheap speakers. Well good luck w/ your audio ventures.


26th September 2004, 07:44 AM
Using the speaker wire from the dash to power both the dash and the door will probably not sound too good. First, there is the issue of not having the full frequency range from that source, so you will be replicating only the mid/upper freqencies that are currently fed to the dash speakers.This will sound awfully bright and pull the sound stage down by your ankles. Secondly, you need to wire in parallel or series to make it work. In parallel you will halve the ohms, increase the wattage, increase the heat the head unit amplifier produces and increase ditortion. You also run the risk of ruining your head unit as it was not designed to handle the low ohm rating. In series you will double the ohms and reduce the the wattage the head unit amplifier is producing. Adding more speakers and running them with less power is not an improvement over current configuration.

For more bass, duplicate what the factory did on SE trim with premium sound. Add a small external amplifier and a pair of 6 1/2" midbasses in the stock door location. Cap the 6 1/2's at about 200hz.

26th September 2004, 10:18 AM
I was wondering the same thing with my 1999 9-3S. I want to get speakers in the doors but I don't want to pay $600 for the Saab amp and speakers, that seems a little crazy. Can you just buy a small amp and 6.5's and throw them in or do you need the "official" saab stuff.

Anyone do this before?

26th September 2004, 02:10 PM
Hi all,

I too have a 1999 9-3 without the speakers/amp in the doors.

From what I saw availlable (at cardomain) there is a pretty interresting way of solving the problem...

I would go with "Componant" speaker system. (Sony Xplod XS-HF600G looks fine by me... but what about Blaupunkt for 100$ less ???) They run at 4 ohms, the same as the dash speakers. They also come with a crossover wich will sparate the hi's and low's (Hi in tweeter mounted in the dash and Low to the Woofers in the doors)

I wonder if any of you have concerns over this setup?


26th September 2004, 05:37 PM
I would stick with midbass drivers for the doors instead of components. You don't need the extra tweeter or x-over network. Just hook up an inexpensive 2 channel amp with onboard active x-over and run 6 1/2" midbass driver's with it.

27th September 2004, 01:24 PM
i didnt have any front door speakers...
what i did...

bought a pair of kenwood KFC1703? 17cm (6.5" as u say across the pond) subs, wired them into my head unit as the front speakers, and took a parallel feed off them with some bass blockers to the speakers on the dash and ta-da! instant component system with excelent bass, mid and trebble, all for what was about $60 (bought the kenwoods off ebay)...
bass blockers where about 2.50 ($5?) and pro install cost me 60 ($100) have to say im very impressed... so much so i changed my rear 6x9's to kenwood KFC-6989ie's :D and the system sounds fantastic for a cheep audio set up, most expensive bit was the kenwood MP3 CD player head unit at 130 ($200)...
so thats my system anyway!

27th September 2004, 07:07 PM
Does anyone happen to know the wattage on the stock door speakers? One of mine blew and I would like to replace with something that I don't have to add power to.

28th September 2004, 08:54 AM

The more is going down this topics, the more i'm confused!!


28th September 2004, 11:43 AM
Does anyone happen to know the wattage on the stock door speakers? One of mine blew and I would like to replace with something that I don't have to add power to.

Thought they were 20W...not positive. Rears (stock) are 40W.

7th October 2004, 05:13 PM
I am installing door speakers in a 96 900s that didn't have any.

Up until today - the biggest problem was running a speaker wire into the door.

***Warning for those installing door Speakers***
I went to the carwash (touchless) today with the inside of my door all taken apart since I have yet to mount the speakers now that I have finished wiring. Well - as the pressure washer sprayed the passenger side I watched water dripping inside the door. :o It was dripping down (fairly heavily) right where my new speakers (Infinity Kappas) would be going.

Apparently there is a shroud protecting the top of the speakers if you have the stock door speakers.

Something else to try to figure out! :( I'm just glad I went to the carwash today!

Jeremy R.
7th October 2004, 10:04 PM
Does anyone happen to know the wattage on the stock door speakers? One of mine blew and I would like to replace with something that I don't have to add power to.
That figure doesn't mean a thing, so don't pay any attention to it. It's a rough estimate of the maximum amount of power a speaker can take, not what the speaker needs to operate, but even speakers rated at a maximum of 40 watts can probably take a hundred watts or more for a second. Some speakers that are rated for 100 watts will constantly bottom out with a 35 watt amp, so you're better off going by the reputation of the manufacturer, not that number.

9th October 2004, 06:08 AM
More i read your posts, more i understand that you don't know much about sound equipment in your car! :)

For normal speakers there is two power ratings.
1) Max power for example 60w
2) RMS or Nominal for example 15w

That means that your speakers bobbin can handle up to 60w of power and if more then it will burn that bobbin.
But in other hand your speakers cone can handle only 15w in long period. If you will listen at music where your amplifier gives aout more then 15w in long period then your spekaers non electrical parts will be destroyed!!!

There is also some problems with amplifier! If you will turn your amplifier near maximum it will produce noise which can also ruin your speaker wery fast.

Now about spekers. Sony is not a good speakers! Stop speaking about hat they got a good bass. It's bull****!
If you want a good bass at your car then install subwoofer.
Normally you can instal 6.5" speakers in your front doors which will give you a low frequency somewhere about 50-70Hz and that means that this speaker can produce all natural instrument sounds, but not computer made sounds.

I don't know much about saab 9-3 stock radio, but normaly i would prefer to buy speker component system and put 6.5" speker in doors and tweeter on panel somewhere near your stock small spekers. But stock spekar must be rushed out. You will ask why?? You must rush it out because it will produce the same frequency as you midbasses in doors and there will be a chaos in your car when you will listen to music :D

And in the end i would like to say, that the most acceptable variant would be a component speakers with RMS somewhere about 50w, which will give you a light bass at the front and you will be able to upgrade your system with AMP after some time if you don't have money at this time!

And in Latvia i can buy that kind of speakers form swedish DLS somewhere about 90$ and they come with crossovers!

Thats all

13th October 2004, 03:44 PM
i too have a 1999 93 and i installed speakers in the doors,i didnt have any there before.the wiring was already there in each door running to the left side of the centre console, where the amp is usally fitted.i removed the dash speakers and used the wiring to power focal 160a components,with the bass in the doors and the tweeters in the dash.i didnt use a seperate amp,but might later. they sound superb even with the low output from the stock head unit,and are loud enough for me.