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: What are the dimensions of the JT 3" downpipe???

17th September 2004, 05:36 PM
Can anyone tell me the dimensions of the JT 3" downpipe? I found a mandrel manufacturer and they said they could possibly make me a 3" down pipe minus the flange and oxygen sensor!! However I need the dimensions before they can quote me!

Based on the pic on ERP's website it looks as if the downpipe comes out of the exhaust manifold about 3" then has a 90degree bend downward for about 7" with another 90 degree bend then 5" to the final 45 degree bend!

Does anyone have one of these downpipes or can the measure it and post the exact measurements for clearance purposes!

I mean who knows these guys might be able to give us a good starting point for creating our own 3" downpipes of course minus the flange and the sensor tap. That would be cool if we could get a mold of this downpipe for $50 and have the exhuast shop weld on the flange and sensor.

Help me help you.....thanks

Turbo 900
19th September 2004, 02:23 AM
Let me know if that works out, I would be interested in a 3" downpipe for cheaper than the JT one.