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: Just bought new wheels and tires, updates to come...

15th September 2004, 10:44 PM
Alright, I made a big decision:

My car is slow as hell, and so I realized that there's no point in trying to make it fast. But, why the hell shouldn't I make it look a bit nicer?

So I decided to drop the money on some unneeded new wheels, and some much needed new tires

Here's what I got:
4x17" stock wheels for a 99-01 Saab 9-5 Aero: $625 shipping incl.
4x225/45/17 Continental ContiExtreme tires: $480 shipping incl. (more here: here (http://www.tirerack.com/tires/tires.jsp?tireMake=Continental&tireModel=ContiExtremeContact))

The tires are a step up from the stock 195/60/15 lol.

Everything should be here by Saterday this week. Stuff should be installed by Wed-ish next week. I'll definately post a ****load of pictures when things are done. Opinions please.



Asia Skyly
16th September 2004, 12:12 AM
I have a differently named set of Conti. I believe mine are Conti-sport. I love them. The first thing I noticed was that they were quiet in comparison to my Pirellis (which were noisy as heck!). Other than that, great on everything, but we do not have snow here, so I am not sure how good they are on ice.

16th September 2004, 11:16 AM
nice combo! 8) can't wait to see 'em on your car.
i will be doing the same thing to my 900S. i ordered the fondmetal 6500's 18x8.5 for my 93SS (coming in this Fri.) and will swap the 17x7 twin aero onto the 900S. hopefully it will fit just fine w/o any rubbing. will post pics afterwards.

16th September 2004, 01:34 PM
I love those wheels! Good choice!

19th September 2004, 04:15 PM
Update one:

Wheels received! Tires should be coming in sometime during the week.