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: Maptun ECU upgrade

29th August 2002, 06:13 PM
Bill, how much did you pay and from where did you obtain your spare ECU & how much was the upgrade at Maptun?


30th August 2002, 03:41 PM
The Maptun upgrade was 5400SEK, which came out at around 380 at the time. The spare ECU - well, I tried Two Stroke To Turbo ( and Neo Brothers ( They just about flatly refused to sell me an ECU without a part number. Even though I explained what I wanted to do with it, they refused to believe that any Trionic ECU from a '94-on 900 or 9000 would do. Apart from the '93 Trionic, which was different, all subsequent Trionic 5 ECUs are the same except for the software in them (which accounts for the different part numbers), and the software will be erased by Maptun as part of the upgrade process. Two-Stroke would have wanted around 170-odd for the cheapest ECU anyway, and Neo Brothers a bit less (as seems to be the norm with pricing from these two companies).

I didn't try anywhere else in the UK, and there may be some places that can deal a bit more sensibly. It's just that those two are quite close to me (10 and 25 miles respectively).

Eventually, I got a contact in the US to send one over. It was going to cost me $100 + shipping (another $15 or so), but I ended up buying him some SuperFlex bushes in exchange.

If my original Aero ECU didn't have VSS, I'd be happy to lend it to you (perhaps in exchange for a good look round your Elise). As it stands, I believe it would immobilise your car and your VSS (if you have it) wouldn't be able to unlock my ECU. Unfoirtunately, it isn't for sale either, as I like the idea of having a spare standard ECU just in case I need to "downgrade".

Perhaps there's an opportunity for someone on the board to buy a spare, upgrade it, sell their old ECU to someone who will upgrade it and sell on their old ECU, etc...

31st August 2002, 12:47 PM
Bill, Thanks for the advice/info. What is VSS, by the way? Guess I could organise a ECU upgrade over a holiday. I am assuming that it is fairly easy to remove the ECU. Any idea of Maptun's turnaround time? By the way, what part of the country are you in - I live in E.Sussex.

31st August 2002, 01:32 PM
Oops, sorry. VSS is the Saab Vehicle Security System. I believe it came as standard on the Aero after a certain year. If you have an alarm, but no visible box for it under the bonnet, then you probably have VSS. On cars with an alarm that wasn't VSS, the alarm was a Cobra unit.

I believe Maptun will turn it round pretty quickly (next-day) as long as they have payment (you could speak to them and check). Then it's just down to how long it takes to ship it out and get it back. You could probably send it by some fast shipping method and ask if you can pay Maptun a bit extra to sdo the same. It cost me about 8 to send my ECU to them, if I remember correctly.

One other thing is that they give several options. One deals with boost limits. Boost is automatically limited to base in 1st gear, hust as in the standard ECU. Any more would be useless and the Maptun already produces more torque in 1st gear due to ignition timing changes. They also limit boost in second gear by default to help reduce stress on the transmission. I asked them to remove the limit, as 2nd gear is the most useful for acceleration for the type of driving I do. My transmission has 168K miles on it and the Maptun upgrade hasn't broken it yet. My suspension and tyre setup is such that I can put down all this power in 2nd gear and still not spin the wheels in a straight line in the dry.

Anyway, it's worth discussing all this with Maptun. They're very pleasant and easy to talk to.

The ECU is under the "aquarium" - that cover under the bonnet, just in front of the windscreen. It's on the left hand (UK passenger) side. You need an 8mm socket/spanner/nut -spinner to get it off (and perhaps another tool, as some cars seem to have one or two different screws there). The ECU unclips, the big connector unclips from it and there's a braided earth strap that's held on with a screw (a Torx one, I think).

And remember to disconnect the battery negative lead first (10mm spanner).

And remember to find the radio code if you need it, before you commit yourself by disconnecting the battery :)

Oh, and I'm in Hemel Hempstead, Herts.

31st August 2002, 03:41 PM
Bill, Firstly, many thanks for the continued advice. I will check for VSS. I'm pretty sure I have a standard Saab alarm, but will esamine further. Someone told me the ECU was under the drivers seat!

I will call Maptun to discuss.


Jez :lol: