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: More tyre sizes

4th September 2004, 10:30 AM
After learning about the construction year stamped into a tyres sidewall, and whilst checking the tyre pressure this afternoon, noticed the rears on my ex (now my dads) 00 93 Aero were four years old and cracking up. These are possibly the original tyres, they are marked as constructed 1400, ie week 14 year 2000. I had the fronts replaced when i bought the car in 2002 and indeed they are marked 1102 and 1202.

The tyres fitted now are michelin pilot sports. Known to be hard wearing, the backs still have useful tread, but the sidewalls are splitting up and i would imagine at 80K and four years the rubber is not in a good state.

So Ive advised him to get two new tyres. Whilst he agreed, he doesnt want to spend the odd 90 each on pilots, so with my experiance of tyres, i advised on Toyo proxes T1-s at about 60 ea.

Whislt checking and the other online shopping tyre place, noticed that in 205/50 16 format, toyo seemed not to be stocked. I paid 63 for 195/50 16s for my c900, but in 215/40 16 size they are 50!! :roll:

Question: now he has just driven his 93 off to france with the plate and manual, can i put the 215/40s on the rear for him??

Cheers Ross :wink: