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: New to saab central...could use some help

24th August 2004, 12:44 AM
Hey i just got my first car its a saab 9-3 hatchback 2000 i have the money to put into the car i just would like some help on getting started and if anyone has some useful information for me just gimme a message....thanks! :D

24th August 2004, 06:58 AM
Welcome to Saab Central Chris!

The first thing I would recommend is setting aside a couple of hours (days if you have them) and looking through these forums.
Use the search function and put in anything you think you might want to do ... or be open and just search for "mods".

You will find a wealth of information here ... it will take some time to read through it all.
There is no real short cut to this proess ... there are lots of fantastic folks here who will give you every possible side of a thought ... and it is very valuable to get that.

Good luck, let us know what you might like to do, let us know what you decide to do, and for our sake, please post some pics of your new ride! :cheesy:

28th August 2004, 11:26 AM
Feel free to ask any questions you need. We may tell you to do a search if your question has been answered recently. But we'll always try! :cheesy:

28th August 2004, 01:55 PM
There are a number of very worthwhile inexpensive things you can do to get started. Do all the normal maintenance stuff first. Full scale general tune up to ensure that your vehicle is in tip top shape. Then hit Eric's (ERP) site here:
It is loaded on great DIY things to do with very good step-by-step illustrated instructions.
There quite a few sites with some great stuff you can bolt on or get ideas. Not all of these are specific to NG 900 and 93's:

Saab Site:
(really good site for OEM parts, & some aftermarket & performance parts - easy to use; good for Classic, NG, 9-3 and later Saabs).

Another good source of OEM parts.

Thor's SAAB Stuff:
(lots of links, covers really old Saabs to modern)

Abbott Racing:

Parts For Saabs:
Sponsors Saab Central. Lots of really good stuff you may not find elsewhere. But ships from UK. Pretty expensive all the way round.

Group 9 Saab (formerly SPG 9, and before that Group 6):
(Strong on Classic 900s, some NG 900 & up; pricey, but high quality stuff; has copper head gasket stuff for Classic 900s, APC mods., all kinds of lightened flywheels for Classic and NG 900, a lot of clutch stuff, and distributor A.I.D. for Classic 900).

Convertible stuff:

Justin (a DIYer):

(24# and 30# per hour injectors; APC mods, exhausts and clutch stuff, etc. Strong on Classic 900, some NG 900 stuff).

Townsend Saab:
(Good source of mech. info. by professional Saab mechanic). Good strong listing of TSBs with many full reprints available.

Replacement Saab seat covers:

Saab Savior; Kentucky Saab guys with some good stuff:

General interest Saab site:
(sells Indiglo gauges for Saab classic 900s and some other stuff)

1 of the best DIYers:
(guy really seems to know what he is talking about).

Pro Saab mechanic Site:

Turbo Team Europe:

Taliaferrosaab (Tons of goodies for NG's, super helpful and knowledgeable):

Elk Parts:
(sells Maptun stuff, lots of performance stuff, primarily a NG 900 & later site).

(NG 900s and up; BSR, Speedparts, PPC tuning software for Trionic 7 & up, and Stromqvist Racing products. Expensive stuff but gets rave reviews from users).

Trent Saab:
(Another aftermarket tuner (in the UK) with Classic 900 & up stuff. Also expensive; priced in pounds sterling which is approx. $1.50 US per pound sterling).

Saber Performance:
(Aftermarket tuning)

(Washington company primarily for Classic 900s; got my 7/8 rear sway bar for NG 900 here; has OEM parts too).

DIY site:

Hirsch Performance:
(Officially sanctioned aftermarket supplier and tuner for Saabs; very expensive).