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: Best mods to do first?

andy thomas
23rd August 2002, 08:53 AM
Hi, I have a 1992 16v and I'd like to start playing! Any advice as to the best modifications to do first (to improve performance etc.) would be appreciated!



23rd August 2002, 11:42 AM
Not much you can do if it's N/A and all you want is more hp, at least not for reasonable money. Turbo is then a different story...many APC mods (they cost next to nothing and are easy DIY jobs) available, these TOGETHER with fueling mods allows more boost = more power without endangering the engine. Stiffer springs and better shocks do wonders for the handling department.


andy thomas
23rd August 2002, 12:16 PM
Thanks, Ville. I guess that begs the question about dropping a turbo block in. Anybody done that before??


23rd August 2002, 12:48 PM
i say the first thing i'll do is the springs and shocks. thats what i did. upgraded my rims, but then regreted, cause the pcd for my newer brakes arent the same, would be getting the 16" aeros. well i guess that wont be a problem for u since u got the new brakes. then i dropped in a LPT engine with an IC installed. Next thing would be an airfilter. U can turbo charge ur engine, but u gotta have the same compression ratio for the pistons. U can try but no gurantees.

Anyway happy Saabing!

23rd August 2002, 01:43 PM
Easiest (=cheapest) way to go is to buy a complete turbo engine(along with the turbo, of course...), so you don't need to go through the hustle with compression ratios, changing N/A pistons to turbo-one and stuff. If your Saab is in mint condition, replacing the N/A engine with a turbo one is reasonable, otherwise I'd hunt down a complete Full pressure turbo car and dive in to the wonderful world of APC-modding...If you get yourself a turbo engine, get the APC-box as well, otherwise you'd better not turn the boost up the "base boost" level (6,5psi, I think?). I wouldn't try to convert a N/A engine to a turbo unless you are REALLY willing to test your mechanical abilities and have an acces to a good workshop. But I agree with Bohtak, improving handling with shocks/springs (maybe even removing the front roll bar...) is excellent way to improve your car's driveability!


23rd August 2002, 11:00 PM
i have a non turbo too. things are expensive. the best things i can say is cat back and k&n. that made a big difference in my car. my friend did take a convertable 94 auto 900s and make it a 5 speed turbo. it is a beast but it also took him months to do. and he is a trained saab person. he said he had to change the computer and all the wiring to make it run correctly, he did it himself and saved alot of money but i know he wouldnt recomend it. but hey whatever floats your boat!

24th August 2002, 01:33 AM
well i have been there and back as far as taking the engine apart thing and after wards it ran great started on the first kick if you will and ran great for 500 miles or so then i got greedy and played with boost with out paying atten to the fact of the existence of an overboost fuel switch yeah feel free to read the topic:
9000 pistons work fine and are interchangeable with 900 pistons only thing to pay close atten to is the compression ratio of which u take them out of they have to be turbo pistons other wise you will run into problems. 900 rings even are same part number as 9000 rings so the engines are very interchangable the gearbox on 9000s does not form oil pan it is separate but the 2.0L engine from the block up is the same.the intake and exhaust are diff but the working engines are the same.

26th August 2002, 10:01 AM
exhaust filter and cat off will be the best along with FSE fuel regualtor, u'll be able to take the cat off so do it, u might reach 140bhp but the real changes will be in drivability.

andy thomas
27th August 2002, 01:30 PM
Thanks, all!