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: Rolling road/Dynu testing - UK

23rd August 2002, 05:03 AM
I am really interested in finding out what my torque figures are after all my moficiations.

Can anyone recommend a good rolling road somewhere in the South or Midlands?

Thanks in advance :)

23rd August 2002, 05:15 AM
Ive heard good & bad things about loads of rolling roads around the South area, i think the best thing to do is to find out a rollin groad tester who is familiar with your car, fuelling system(LH 2.4 on yours Nuts?) and the mods youve done to your particular car.
Ive heard good things about Redline tuning somewhere in Berks/Herts (they advertise in CCC) and i know a place near where i used to live in Sussex- Gerald Dale Motorsport, cant remember the no. off hand but should be on a search engine somewhere!
Let me know when your going to get yours done as i want mine set-up after the recent mods!


23rd August 2002, 08:03 AM
It's the Lucas system on my car. So my thinking is that anywhere with experience of TVRs & turbo charging will do.

I know of one place in Cheltenham in Gloucestershire called Powerstation which has been recommended by an MR2 Turbo owner I know of.
The only problem is they are a little far away :-?

Will have a look into Redline tuning as that is very close to me :D

I will keep posting on my progress, and let you know where I evevtually decide to go.

23rd August 2002, 01:32 PM
i used Tony at redline a few years ago. excellent guy, very helpful - he set up the timing and the twin carbs on my lotus cortina. i got the impression he was more comfortable with carbs than fuel injection, but it was a long time ago and i guess he's well into injection now...

well worth giving him a ring and seeing if he's interested