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: Volvo TD-04???

20th August 2004, 07:32 PM
Long story short, I lost a brake caliper mounting bolt WHILE driving on the interstate, leaving for some INTERESTING driving (moral of story: torque those bolts properly)

ANYWAY :oops:

Since Roberti let me down and didn't get my new bolt today, I went to one of the Eurocar independent shops in town to see if they had a spare lying around (they MADE me one FREE!)

Well, they had a TD-04 laying around, I think it said...15G maybe? It was Volvo.

Supposing it was is good condition (I was told it was), Anybody know enough to tell me how impossible it would be to mate up??? I should have taken a shot of the exhaust side...

Just dream weaving.... :roll: :cheesy:

21st August 2004, 03:52 AM
i would not take a 15g as it is not a tda04, but in fact a td05....smaller cmpressor.... i would however check out the td04-18t that comes from the factory on some c70 volovos, this is an upgrade although i dont know about the flanges on the turbo... i dunno if they will bolt up to ours i will try to find the list i have here printed out online.. but def look into the td04-18t