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22nd August 2002, 05:16 AM

92 900LPT

looking for advice on fitting a cone induction kit - i've tried a host of suppliers, (K&N, pipercross, etc) but the only kit available (K&N)is for engines with Bosch fuel management, mines is Lucas....

Really grateful if anyone can suggest any other kits available.



22nd August 2002, 05:34 AM
Found this on the K&N website. Not sure if it is any use? Might be worth mailing them directly....

Johann F
22nd August 2002, 07:20 AM
There is no 'Kit' but you can make one with a bit of DIY! - get a JR cone filter with an 85/90mm opening - this fits the inlet ( remove the locating pin on the AMM). You now need to fabricate a new connector between the AMM and the intake so that the cone is horizontal and not pointing down - a CV boot cut down did the trick for me. Tie the whole thing up with thick zip ties and you are away. Alternativley - ie easier - is to just get the element for the standard air box ( for Lucas it's the same as the 8v turbo ie smaller than the Bosch) and with a woodworkin flat bit (say 1") drill out a lot of holes at the front of the box to improve the airflow over the snorkel inlet.