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: Saab Continues it's Downsize...

4th August 2004, 10:17 AM
This is an article from Automobilewoche/autonews, it is a resume of a interview with Peter Augutsson.

It is in German and I make a translation with

in 2006, will be a crossover called 9-6x and a facelift of the 9-5. Also Saab need to reduce it's fix costs and to make it there are two ways, reducing the workers and those fixed costs or increasing the products. Saab is taking the two ways.

""""""""""Other staff diminishes Saab
Brand head Augustsson: Our fixed costs still are too high
Article made by Harald Hamprecht
Automobile week / 1st August, 2004

Trollhattan. Saab will further reduce his staff. " To end of the year we will have to separate from some hundred employees ", Saab head Peter Augustsson announced in the conversation with automobile week. Nowadays about 6,300 people work for Saab in Sweden, in the end of 1999 these still were more than 9,000. As already last year there will be no preretirement programs or compensations. The staff reduction occurs exclusively about natural fluctuation and the non-occupation of open places. For 2005 Saab hopes for another sale increase. " Otherwise we will further reduce our employee's number, because we must improve our productiveness ", says Augustsson.

In the current year Saab worldwide wants to sell between 130,000 and 135,000 passenger cars (2002: about 130,000). Inside plan Sweden to cross in 2006 the 200,0000.000th brand. Big hope bets Augustsson, besides, on the US market where Saab achieved in 2003 record sale of 48,000 passenger cars. Two new, only in North America expelled models should inspire the sale: the entrance model 9-2X and - from spring, 2005 - 9-7X SUV. In the middle of 2005 follow new 9-3 station-wagons, in 2006 a Crossover called 9-6X as well as the facelift of the top model 9-5.

" Our problem is that we have too few products and too high fixed costs ", according to Augustsson. Saab had been able to reduce his structure costs in 2003 about 20 percent or 163 million euros. For 2004 the Saab head expects the same saving. Augustsson: " We stick to our purpose to reach the break-even point still in 2004. " How high the loss was to the US GAAP, he does not reveal. After Swedish bill lapping registered Saab in 2003 a deficit from converting 4.8 million euros.

According to Augustsson Saab succeeds in the work Trollhattan where the last year 112,000 cars of the volume ran to increase the productiveness yearly on ten percent. " However, this is not enough. Our clear purpose is to become one of the best of all GM works in Europe ", according to the brand head. The danger that the work could be closed exists " theoretically. Nobody can exclude this. Indeed, that counts to every GM work. " Also a removal of the production is conceivable: " Our installed capacity lies with 200,000 unities. We could also manufacture models of other GM brands which divide an architecture with the 9-3. " Infrage would come for it the successor of the Opel Vectra and a planned Cadillac-entrance model"""""""


4th August 2004, 10:29 AM
i feel bad for former employees and future former employees.

hopefully saab gave them enough of a notice so they could find work

looks as though we will see a totally new 9-5 in 08 as an 09 model if saab is giving the 06 a facelift. what else can they possibly do with the platform? i'm assuming they will drop the 9-5 estate with the 9-6X being so similiar of a vehicle.

7th August 2004, 09:38 PM