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: Upgrades: Where to start... The car?

12th August 2002, 12:16 AM
So here's my story. I had a killer 88 SPG and it just got totaled after some guy in a souped up Integra smashed into it WHILE IT WAS PARKED.

In any case, its giving me an incentive to start over and do some upgrades this time but I'm having a hard time deciding on a car to buy.

My first choice was to wait for another SPG but they don't seem to come around very often and the nice ones are going for 7-8k. The other choice is to buy a regular turbo and mod it.

So far I've looked at a nice clean silver 88 turbo with 93k miles on it that just had the automatic trans swapped with a tight manual trans from another car.

Is there anything that I should consider when choosing a car to upgrade? What's most important? Mileage, year? Would it be better to get a later model? Wait for an SPG? I want something that will be fun to work on.

Any advice?


12th August 2002, 01:08 AM
"And the winner of the annual Ultimate Driving Idiot-trophy is: The guy in the souped up Integra!"

Yes...sorry about your loss. SPG:s do come with good looking bodykits on them already, but if you prefer more of the engine/performance related uppgrades, I would go for a nice 16valve Full pressure turbo if the SPG's are hard to get. They are pretty easy to tweak (APC-mod's, upgraded IC's etc.) and really a great fun to drive! That car you mentioned has quite low mileage on it, so that could be good choice. If the bodywork is in great condition (no rust), tranny is smooth (for a Saab, that is) and silent, engine isn't overheating and so on, there you'd have a good platform to start! Of course the later model you can get your hands on (last c900 was produced in -93 and convertible c900 -94), the better!


12th August 2002, 04:47 PM
what happened to the integra? my friend has one and its a tin can, it wouldnt stand up to a saab at all, if urs is totalled, is the other dust? lol

12th August 2002, 05:55 PM
I agree. A good full-pressure T16 900 is great as a base for tuning. It seems that unlike in the UK the SPG (or T16s as it is known in the UK) has an absurdly high premium put on it. If you can, try to get a car with the later and stronger gearbox (look for purple tab next to gearbox number). Service history, few owners and condition are the other obvious things to look for.