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: Upgrade to Clarion stereo, need advice for more power....

93 9000 Aero
7th August 2002, 09:25 AM
Just bought a 93 9000 Aero with the Clarion system with CD and Alarm. Car runs good, A little hard starting but starts every time.(sounds like battery low, but it checks out fine)

I don't want to switch the stereo b/c of the alarm, but would like to ADD some power to the system or speakers, maybe a sub...

Any advice is appreciated ... Phil in Cinci, OH

93 9000 Aero
10th August 2002, 04:59 PM
put in an AMP-400 watts and 2 12" subs, soiunds great now !!!!

10th August 2002, 07:55 PM
I know i am new to saabs, but where did you mount the AMP-400 watts and 2 12" subs. Thanks

29th August 2002, 05:22 PM
I'd forget the idea of 2 12" subs unless you want your Saab to sound like something from Max Power. Go for an enclosed (& removable) 10" JL sub and you could mount a discreet amp under the boot floor. Rear speakers are fine, but think about doing something with the fronts.

30th August 2002, 03:11 AM
Just for info... I've also upgraded the stereo on mine. The rear speakers are OK; fronts I replaced with Infinity component units. Using a Kenwood 4x45W head, I've added a (real, true) 2x100WRMS amp (That's about 2x400WPMPO) under the driver's seat to drive 2x10 inch subs, mounted in the parcel shelf (via a suitable inline connector for easy removal).

I went for this option because it takes up less room in the boot than a boom box, and it also means that the net change in presssure inside the car is zero, thus reducing the tendency for it to be heard outside. Mind you, a 9000 is unlikely to sound like a Wax Tower special 'cos the bodywork is so solid by comparison. It's almost disappointing how little of the sound gets out when it's going full blast!!

31st August 2002, 05:20 PM
Bubbles, I didn't think that there was room for a decent sized amp under the seats - are yours electric?

Interesting what you say about the subs & free air mounting as I have a 12" JL that came out of another car (RS2000 - I know, but it was new at the time!). That install never leaked any sound, so maybe I'll reconsider my sealed enclosure plan. From what I have been told, sealed enclosures are better, though the sound from my old stereo was amazing. For reference, I have a 10k vinyl based home system, so I am looking for quality and control, not volume and bass!


1st January 2003, 03:21 PM
after some carefull removal of some of the metal work around the speaker mountings i have managed to fit a pair of MB Quart DSD 213'S 13 cm rather than the rather small standard ones :D The head unit has been replaced with an alpine single cd and power is provided by a 4x100w RMS amp. The rear speakers have been replaced again with MB Quart 6x9's and i have added a MB Quart sub (2x10" in an isobaric chamber ie one behind the other in a sealed ported box!) the bigest gain was from the front end mods well worth the effort.

3rd January 2003, 06:09 PM
I replaced my Clairion deck with a kenwood 4x45w and the front and rear speakers with Infinity Kappas (F-two ways and B-Three ways). I also instaled a 12" Infinity Kappa sub powered by a 300w JBL Amp. I have my Amp in the trunk on the seat back and the sub is also in the trunk in a sealed box (best for all kinds of music. The 9000 has a big trunk Anyway so there is still plenty of room. You really dont need the two 12" subs or you'll probobly start to rattle s*** loose. My friends say it is the best system they have heard. Its clean and strong. Only improvement I will make is to swap in the Infinity Kappa component system as they sound better. All in all it cots about $1400 and is well worth it. :P

2nd April 2003, 10:41 AM
I dont know why but I put an Alpine Deck in and my alarm still works. But to get more power get rid of those stock speakers. I took mine out and realized that they were blown. It was kinda funny. They are made of paper it looks like.
I then decided to put a lttle system. I put 6 1/5 infinity speakers in the back and 5' infinity in the front. I then added something for my own enjoyment. I put a !5 inch Kicker comp vr sub in my trunk. Hatchbacks are the best kind of cars to put a system into. It sounds great. When my sub hits my entire car shakes...Its kinda funy. I think i might need to dynamat the back but thats cheap. 8)