: Worth $500?

9th July 2004, 02:20 PM
I've finally some pictures of my new 1989 900 turbo, spent $500 US on it, from Vermont.

The shifter is screwed royally, the hatchback is held together with foam insulation (true!), the exhaust is in the trunk, the seats are finished, the seatbelts don't motor around, the fenders and frame rails have a little rust, the hood is dented, there's a big "bosse" on the roof, driver's mirror is glued together, odometer doesn't work, cracked dash, really dirty, rebuild title, etc. etc.


(homepage http://saabturbo.iquebec.com )

Did I get screwed?

9th July 2004, 03:02 PM
It does not sound too goobered to save. And tell us you do not like working on cars. You bought it because you knew what you could make it, not because of what it was. Go ahead, admit it. C'est vrais, non? Mais oui, certainment.

9th July 2004, 06:47 PM
Tu as raison.

But I've been taking some guff lately from the less "educated" about my purchase... but hey, 500$ is what a Big Mac runs for nowadays :wink:

9th July 2004, 10:06 PM
900t ... how did you get it home from Vermont ... I have been very curious about the process of importing a car from the US ... there seem to be some really good deals to be had south of the border.

9th July 2004, 10:40 PM
Haven't tried importing it yet, although since it is over 15 years I only need to pay $195 CND (185 for not-Quebec) and get the car inspected. (but before I do that, I need to make it at least somewhat roadworthy)

If it's under 15, I need to make sure it's on the "Admissable Vehicles List", a pdf file on the Transport Canada website (i'll get a link if you want). All Saabs are on this, so you're set (2004 GTO's aren't :evil: ).

The car must have Canadian-spec stuff on it (Daytime Running Lights, bilingual airbag warning stickers, metric speedo markings{all US Saabs have secondary metric markings anyway} and you have to have a bolt for the child restraint [not installed, mind you, just a bolt and the little eye thing]. Otherwise it's all good, except for paying GST and the 185 bucks, it's like getting a car from another province.

Problem is, the car needs to be from the US market and US spec. You could theoretically import a foreign (ie Swedish) car to the US, make sure the DoT says it's good, then import it into Canada, but, saying this is a free 1988 900, it would cost more than your 900SET!