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: 9-2x questions

6th July 2004, 01:31 PM
Hi everyone. Well, I'm new here and just bought a black 9-2x that will be arriving from just getting off the boat next week. I usually hang around caraudioforum, elitecaraudio, sounddomain and termpro forums because I'm a big stereo fanatic.

My question is this, though it's probly a stretch since i only see maybe 1-2 people on this forum own a 9-2x already - What size speakers are in the front doors of the car? I have a nice $300 set of component speakers from my old car i'd like to put in but they are 6 1/2". Being that subaru has 5 1/4" in their doors, i don't know if that carried over or not, but i hope to god it didn't. Also, since someone said the radio not made by saab, which wiring harness will be on the back of it? I'm going to need one asap, maybe it'll be a WRX harness. Hopefully.

Since i don't see many people talk about stereo around here (maybe i'm wrong since i'm new) I don't know if anyone can offer me any insight but if not, I can tell you that i'm pretty sure I will be a pioneer in being one of the first to throw $2000 worth of upgraded stereo into my 9-2x. I figure it'll only be a week or 2 after I get it until I'm done and maybe I'll have one of the first upgraded 9-2x's in the nation, woo hoo! :D

6th July 2004, 04:51 PM
There isn't too much talk about car audio stuff b/c it usually turns into everyone having their own opinion as to what is best.But most of us here do like nice sounding tunes while in our car.

I work on WRX alot and your right the speakers are 5.25 in the WRX, you can upgrade to a 6.5 with a spacer for the fronts, not sure on the rears. I would think that the 9-2x has the same speakers as the WRX being the whole rest of the car is the same.....but u'r right never know.

The radio is defently WRX with a different color face so I would shoot for the WRX wiring harnes.


PS I am a huge car audio fan more complex the more fun i have installing it.

8th July 2004, 10:52 PM
I'll have one of the first upgraded 9-2x's in the nation,

Cool, welcome.
I just bought my red one a couple weeks ago. Just got a call from my dealer last week and he congratulated me on being the first Aero sold on the east coast. Don't know if he was BS'n or not but he sent me a free shirt anyways!
I'll have mine on the track for the first time this Saturday, btw.