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: Second Fog light:

31st May 2004, 06:30 AM
When i was scouting out my '99 9-5, I stated my concernt o my dealer about one of the rear fog lights being out when i was doing my all too thorough walk around inspection after purchase.

He mentioned to me that there was indeed only one light that illuminates on the rear panel when the rear fog lights are turned on. It is on the driver's side and the right (passenger side) remains unlit. This seemed very odd to me, but upon further investigation by myself, I found him to be telling the truth!

I then decided it was my duty to myself to see what the fixture looked like in the other side of the rear panel, bcause I could swear i saw a light socket as well as hole for another bulb on the pax side of the light panel.

After i took the panel off eventually, I found that there was indeed a fixture for a pax side light, as well as a moutning bracket and hole in the pax side light panel, everything but a bulb!

The main reason for the post, is has anyone else simply put a bulb in this socket and had dual sided rear fog lights? I put in the exact same bulb as the driver's side fog light, and the pax side illuminates just as well... No electrical issues, no fuses blown, just a dual sided rear fog light.

I posted this in the Workshop forum as well, but I was wondering if anyone else had done this really wuick and easy mod? I think its well worth it for having dual sided as opposed to single sided rear fog lamps... but that may just be me.

Any ideas?