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: ring ring to melted piston

17th July 2002, 11:27 PM
ok full story to follow: I got boost happy or well just curious as most teenagers out of high school are so i took the wastegate out of play (took off the hose) and well i guess it runs the turbo from being a controlled to just acting a bit like a blower except not belt driven. Well i had had head gasket problems before hand and had just ironed them out the week before i did this (It was the copper gasket) the gasket was a pain in the *** from the start don't ever get one! so anyhow i let the turbo run free and took it for a few passes down a lonesome country road it was fun although the flapper operated by the wastegate flapped wildly not keeping the boost in! so it didn't work as well as expected so then i got home and noticed the car idled funny a little choke and cough here and there i was pissed and thought it was the gasket throwing a fit again wrong did a compression check and found out #2 was at about 110 dry and 135 wet rest ran 150 dry 180 or so wet. NOT COOL well i now have the whole engine dismantled in the garage and lo and behold #2 rings were cool piston was a bit diff though it has a melt on the side YEAH! so thats where my prob was yippee well the large ques is does anyone know the best place or any place to get decent aftermarket pistons or a damn good price for saab ones cuz my dealer even cutting me a deal wants $280 for each std size or ovr size doesn't matter!!!!!!!!!! that is a bit over my budget and don't want to sell limbs or organs just yet pls advise anything will help
heres a pic of the damage to piston #2
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18th July 2002, 03:48 PM
Piston sizes are pretty much unique to the engine. Many engines left the factory with all diferent size pistons, unless you can read the marks on the piston crown and replace it like for like, and the bore is undamaged, then you are much better off getting a new or known good 2nd hand short engine.