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: Mouse invasion!

17th July 2002, 08:58 PM
Mice have built a nest in my 1988 Saab 9000 in the area of AC expansion coil and at the rear of the glove box. I have removed the glove box and removed all the nest material I can find and have vacuumed the face of the expansion coil through the small opening where the flat air filter is installed. I have treated all the effected areas with a GM odor eliminator that is designed for air conditioning systems. The odor is now much reduced but is far from gone. So two questions:

1. Have others had this problem and how did you solve it?

2. Where is the HEPA ventilation filter 0n a 88 9000? The Saab dealer parts manual shows it concentric with the fan squirel cage but that does not appear to be where it is on my car. I still need to take the fan apart but help to remove hood (bonnet) to gain access.