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: Interested in working for IBM Canada?

25-05-04, 09:22 PM
IBM Canada is looking for skilled IT employees:

BCS Canada is looking to add 300+ net new consulting jobs to satisfy the growing needs of their clients. Canadian talent is renowned and we want to leverage these skills in a multitude of opportunities across the Americas. Plus this will broaden BCS' portfolio of available skills.

Our top priorities are:

SAP -- FI (Finance), CO (Controlling), SD (Sales & Distribution) MM (Materials Management), HR - PA (Personnel Administration), HR-Time, HR-Pay
Learning and Development -- specialists in ERP solutions
PeopleSoft -- Benefits & Payroll; consultants with upgrade experience; HR.

IBM is looking to hire up to 300 new employees between now and December.

Please forward me a relevant application with two or more years experience, if you agreeable to 100% travel and is eligible for appropriate travel and work visas.

You can send them to and I will be happy to forward them on your behalf!

Willy Wonka
25-05-04, 10:15 PM
Wow! Typewriters are selling. Sounds like fun. Get to quote NAFTA quidelines to customs, often. Canada is fun, though. Went to Toronto once. Savoir faire was everywhere. :lol:
Not a mixed metaphor but a missed demograph.
I've often wondered if they have special blue suit discounts. 8)
Would they ask for an agreement conveying to them all intellectual properties which could be construed as having come into being as result of ones association with them? If so I'm out. They've already bought some of my designs.

Do you get a referal fee or finders bounty? If referals count then we'll all apply. I'm a S O B. n'est pas?

25-05-04, 10:37 PM
Toronto is not indicative of the entire country. Rather, it is the butt of all jokes.

Willy Wonka
25-05-04, 10:47 PM
No offense meant. Just humor. I have also gone to Nova Scotia 8) You're right. I've got to go and paint my calipers.

25-05-04, 10:53 PM
Offend me? You'll have to try harder than that!

26-05-04, 01:32 PM
Ok Scott what in it for you??? Do I smell a referal bonus here??? Maybe a finders fee? Or are you posting this out of the sole goodness of your heart!!! lol Just giving you a hard time Scott!!!! :cheesy: :cheesy: :cheesy: :cheesy: