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: A new toy

25-05-04, 02:06 PM
Yesterday I happened to notice a C900T advertised locally at quite a reasonable price, thought I might as well take a look - and of course ended up buying it :roll: :cheesy:

I thought I`d use it for parts at first, but now I`m not too sure...

Its a 900T16S "DOHC 16", it seems to have just about every avaliable extra I can think of for the 900, including leather seats, sports steering wheel, skirts, cruise control, refirbished three spoke alloys, extra saab gages etc

Now the downside :( It has recently had a van reverse into it, meaning it needs a new hood and light cluster (see pics)
also its got quite bad rust where the passenger door attaches to the body, and a rear wheel arch needs re-sprayed, and a few other bits of rust sorted out.

So what do you all think I should do? Part it out and have tones of cool parts, or see about putting it back on the road?


In case anyone is wondering, there is a whaletale and a normal spoiler IN the boot...




25-05-04, 02:18 PM
Is it just me or does the rear suspension look like it is sagging? Looks like a good buy though (depending on what you paid for it that is!)

If you can save it, economicaly that is, then do...it's a classic.

25-05-04, 02:20 PM
<----Is Jealous

*wonders why you brits have tons of saabs

25-05-04, 02:37 PM
Looks nice. It does seem to be a bit saggy, like most C900's, but with a whaletail in the boot that wouldn't help. I just changed my rear shocks and springs using heavy duty turbo springs and Sachs sport dampers, and the rear is level again - the handling is also much better. Good luck with the body damage, doesn't look too bad.

25-05-04, 02:44 PM
doesn't look that bad

MY vote goes for saving it :cheesy:

25-05-04, 07:07 PM
Ben - save it!! PM me if you want parts, as I have tons (literally!) available. :cheesy:

25-05-04, 07:17 PM
erm.... both the front AND the rear seem to be sagging.... In fact,,,,, sagging so much it looks like its sagging at about Abbot sports springs level :cheesy: ... Hope im right :)

Like the steering wheel and the auxiliary guages.....

If you get it swop the fuel pressure regulator with the one thats on your 900i :wink:

25-05-04, 07:19 PM
Go for it Ben ... if anyone can save a car like that, it's someone from the UK! :cheesy:

Willy Wonka
25-05-04, 10:04 PM
Don't listen to Wonka. He saves everything. 8) You've got to ask yourself do you feel lucky do you, or what else would you do with your time.

25-05-04, 10:20 PM
I would say don't bother.... but it IS a loaded T16S.

At least check around what a hood corner light and fender of a junked one would cost...

25-05-04, 11:07 PM
I say to fix it - but if you do part it out, or just don't like that steering wheel - sent me an e-mail if you want to sell the steering wheel :lol: 8) Nice find!

26-05-04, 03:46 AM
At least check around what a hood corner light and fender of a junked one would cost...

About 20.

26-05-04, 07:11 AM
Thanks for all your replies :)

I`m going to put it in for a MOT and see whats needed, I checked the underside - looks quite good. Its got red springs on so I`m guessing its lowered. It certainly sits a lot lower at front and back than my other 900.


Either way, it was probably worth the 80 I paid for it :cheesy:

26-05-04, 08:06 AM
i think a poll is needed here!! lol

i vote to save it :cheesy: good luck


26-05-04, 10:08 AM
I doubt there are seven and a half thousand people anywhere in the world who would have a more biased opinion than us, but as the owner of one rescued from the scrapyard I say save every one you see.

26-05-04, 10:24 AM
save it.

26-05-04, 12:39 PM
save it but if you dont can i come and camp in your garden :cheesy: why dont i find these i only find 9000s :roll: :lol:

26-05-04, 02:41 PM
It's a C900, to beautiful to kill. Had it been an NG I'd say dumpster it.

26-05-04, 05:46 PM

Either way, it was probably worth the 80 I paid for it :cheesy:

Why do I never find deals like this, but it seems like everyone else does???? :(