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: considering the switch

15th July 2002, 05:00 AM
have been a 900 driver for a while and am now considering the 9000, specifically a 94-95 cse turbo or aero, any advice, experiance or comparison would be appreciated

15th July 2002, 05:55 AM
Exactly same intentions here! When the ridiculous Finnish import tax on used cars is found to be against EU directives and stuff this autumn (I seriously hope so...), I'm setting my eyes to the German markets for a 9000 Aero / 2.3turbo. Now I only have to convince my better half of the geniousity behind this idea...But as for your question, Ade, I have no personal experience on 9000's, but the Aero is said to be the ultimate cross-country weapon, ridiculously fast (225bhp) as it is (for me at least, and it is relatively easy to tweak further!) and with superior ride comfort. So definately a good choice!

15th July 2002, 04:07 PM
2.3 Turbo 200 hp
Top speed: 146 mph (aut. 146 mph).

Acceleration to 60 mph : 7.2 secs (aut. 8.1)
Fuel consumption mpg: Urban 20.3 (aut. 16.0). Extra urban 38.7 (aut. 34.4). Combined 29.1 (aut. 24.1).

Fuel consumption litres / 100 kms: Urban 13.9 (aut, 17.6). Extra urban 7.3 (aut. 8.2) Combined 9.7 (aut 11.7).

2.3 Turbo (Aero manual) 225 hp
Top speed: 149 mph.

Acceleration to 60 mph: 6.7 sec

Fuel consumption*mpg: Urban 19.8. Extra Urban 38.2. Combined 28.2.

Fuel consumption litres / 100km: Urban 14.3. Extra urban 7.4 Combined 10.0.

and spec's.......

Saab 9000 CS/CD models:
ABS anti lock braking system, power steering, drivers airbag, passenger’s airbag, automatic front seatbelt tensioners, headlamp wash /wipe, colour keyed bumpers, 2-tone luxury velour upholstery, heated Front seats, Four head restraints, illuminated dual vanity mirrors, ventilation air filter, electrically operated windows, electrically operated/heated mirrors, central locking, tinted heat absorbing glass, EDU instrument (outside temp, fuel consumption etc)1 tachometer, radio cassette, front and rear speakers with electric aerial.

Saab 9000 CSE/CDE models:
Equipment in addition to CS/CD: light alloy wheels, front fog lamps, leather faced seats, leather trimmed steering wheel, leather gear lever knob and gaiter (manual only), ,Automatic Climate Control .ACC, Saab Audio System, walnut veneer facia, anti-theft alarm.

Saab 9000 Aero:
Equipment in addition to CSE 2.3 turbo engine 225 hp (manual gearbox). sport chassis, 6. 5x16” light alloy wheels, colour keyed spoilers. full leather upholstery with sports trim, electrically adjustable front seats with memory on drivers side, Cruise control, and Saab Car Computer SCC.


16th July 2002, 01:05 PM
Well, I'm the perfect person to comment because I have just switched from a 87 900 T16s to a 95 9000 Aero.

I was very sorry to see the 900 go but I do love the Aero for its refinement over the 900. At first I thought that the Aero was slower than my tuned 900 but now I realise that the smoothness of the Aero was fooling me. It really is a quick car and a £35 Dawes Device can add about and extra 20 bhp or £300 for an exchange ECU which gives you 265bhp.

In the end it was the safety of the Aero that did it for me. My 95 has twin airbags, excellent brakes and ABS. None of this could be said about my 900. On the other hand, the 900 is more of a drivers car. In fact, I know that I can drive the more agile 900 quicker across country than my Aero. The Aero probably holds the road better but I think it rolls more.

I suppose that it does depend on what you are after in the end. The 900 has the image and that rawness whereas the 9000 has the refinement plus the mod cons.

Let us know what you decide!


16th July 2002, 03:07 PM
After having my Dads 9000 Carlsson for two weeks whilst he was away on Holiday and my 900 T16S was being fixed i can say that i was very glad to get behind the wheel of the 900!!,
I agree with what Alan says in that the 900 is much more of a drivers car, there is far less body roll in corners and the handling is far more entertaining in a raw sort of way, however if you travel big mileages and want more refinement whilst still retaining the turbo 'punch' then i think you will struggle to beat a 9000 turbo, i found it very relaxing on the Motorway and the comfort was very good.
MAke your choice and either way your onto a winner!!
Why not keep the 900 too?!


Jo K
16th July 2002, 07:19 PM
Slightly OT Alan but you might want to look into a set of SAS sway bars for about $290 USD or so. CS and CD owners over at TSN report good improvements, although I'm not sure about Aero owners. The bars on the Aero are 19mm I think, or at least one of them is, which is slightly thicker than the CS/CD for most years. The SAS ones are 25mm and come with poly bushes.

FWIW I'm also considering moving to a 9000. Must be something in the air. There is a nice-sounding '95 CSE for sale here at the moment - hard to find these days down here, and it's a 5sp. The 9000s I've tested have rolled more than the 900 and aren't as visceral or out and out fun, but they are comfortable, smooth and can be very quick.

If that CSE drops in price I might be tempted...

17th July 2002, 03:57 PM
I too am looking at a 9000 Aero. I would like a 97 - P plate one, in either Ruby or met blue.
But after a national search on Autotrader and finding only TWO manual cars (!!!!!) I'm reconsidering my options! lol

They can't be THAT rare, can they?? There's a couple in the car park @ work for starters!!

17th July 2002, 07:15 PM
Another 9000 Aero owner here.

I found mine on the Club Saab website a few months ago, so you it may pay dividends if you keep an eye on it. I could find very few on E&M and Autotrader.

I think a few suspension mods would eliminate most of the handling differences between the 9000's and their sporting 900 brethran. I intend to visit Abbott Racing in the near future. Will let you know how I get on. Abbott reckon that shocks, springs and bushes transform the handling of the 9000, not to mention the ltd slip diff that they sell! Check out their site - the owner is a real 9000 tweaker.

It's an amazing car and one that often surprises in terms of straight line performance. Great if you want a powerful, big, comfortable, superbly equipped car that is very kind to the environment in terms of fuel consumption. My previous car, an Alfa 156 Sportwagon, used significantly more fuel, despite its lack of weight (compared to the Saab) and smaller engine.

AlanB - what is a Dawes Device, how is it fitted and where can I get one?

Cheers, Jez

18th July 2002, 06:36 AM
I have one of each, the 9000 is for the daily drive, smooth, classy & more fuel efficient. The 900 for the weekend thrash & annoying BMW drivers. I've also been looking at the Abbott site as they offer an excellent package for the LPT , as mine's a late model it has an intercooler (saab just turned down the boost to keep the same 150bhp)The package adds 40bhp to that for around the 550 quid mark and shouldn't slow down the extremely quick spool-up. Alanb, I'm also interested in this 'Dawes device' thing, any good for mine?

18th July 2002, 07:09 AM
Dawes device has been discussed a lot here:
Fo a search for 'dawes' or 'mbc'.

It can be bought in Britain from:

It is rather like a bleed valve and is placed between the turbo compressor outlet and the watsegate actuator. It needs a bit of setting up but the gains can be quite good.

Personally, I would only put it on a 9000 with Trionic which is all(?) 9000s from 1993.


18th July 2002, 04:32 PM
I think any 'DI' equipped 9000 can run a 'Dawes' in relative safety as the engine will retard the timing if detonation occurs, obviously some care has to be made when setting it up though and stupid boost levels will probably still result in some form of detonation!!!
My old man's Carlsson has the 'DI' system and thats a '90 model which was one of the first 'DI' unit cars apparently.


93 9000 Aero
7th August 2002, 10:52 AM
I too picked up a 9000 93 Aero with Automatic tranny. 151 k, original owner traded it in on a new Land Rover.

I picked it up for cost, sweet deal. It checked out just fine at a SAAB dealer here in the USA, after putting some more valves, sensors, etc into the TCS.

I dropped in a new K+N 9030 Air filter and it is cruisin good. I am NOT mechanically inclined. I would like more power out of the stereo or speakers -Clarion. Any other "easy" mods to do??