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: HELP!!!!

13-07-02, 10:05 AM
1983 900 GLI runs well (for a n/a) don't get me wrong is is VGC but looks like *** (for a uni student) need minimal cost upgrades cosmetics anything. Make it sound better, look better at minimal cost PLEASE ANY SUGGESTIONS WOULD BE EXCELLENT!!!!

16-07-02, 08:55 PM
Clear side indicators available.....
Gottem on my car,, fairly cheep. nice improvement....

Look round for second hand set of Aero rims....

If u got hubcaps take em off, grab black pressure pack can and spray steelies black..
Looks better in my opinion...

Second hand leather trim....

where is Aus are you ????

17-07-02, 05:08 PM
u might be able to pick up a cheap SPG/Aero kit somewhere, im looking at getting a airflow body kit, but its expensive