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: Stroked 9000i, driveability problems

12th July 2002, 06:06 PM
Hi guys, I am new on this forum, I hope I am posting in the right group.

I put rods & pistons from the 2100cc engine into my '87 (or is it '88) 9000i. The car ran great, developed mad power and then after a month or so problems began.

When the engine gets warm, I get crappy driveability (loss of power.. the engine starts hesistating/stalling if you try to lightly accelerate)..

The engine runs better when cold or with temp. sensor disconnected, but still, I had the temp. sensor changed, I changed the TPS, AMM.. and still -- nothing! I even tried different injectors, different intake (from the Turbo)... The distributor timing seems to be right at idle.. still same stupid problems...

I would really appreciate if anyone could give me any hints. Thank you all in advance!

13th July 2002, 03:44 AM
Rods and pistons from 2.1???
I would have thought u would require the crank for any advantage.....

What compression ratio does it now work out to be???
Do you still have piston skirt oil sprays???

I would try ECU next, it could have developed a problem...
UM, i am not sure about the wheather were you comefrom but if you have a heated inlet manifold try disconnecting that...
Try filling up with high octane....

kick the car a few times......

aah, take you cataletic converter and exhaust off, clean it out make sure no massive restrictions.
Radiator maybe???

good luck though

Eric van Spelde
5th August 2002, 07:25 AM
Putting the pistons from a 2.1 in requires a 3 mm overbore. Rods and crank are the same as a 2.0...

If it's _stroked_ it's likely using a 2.3 crank. In a 2.0 non-balancer shaft block, this would involve using the con rods of the latter, and custom pistons with a 34.5 mm compression height instead of 40.5, to align the piston tops with the block deck.

If you used the 2.3 litre rods (147 mm vs. 134.5 on the c900/9000 2.0) you'd be seriously running out of block height... :wink: