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: Autoshow in Motion 2004!

10-05-04, 08:36 AM

Yesterday I had an absolute fabulous time at the Autoshow in Motion, a GM sponsored event that I found to be rather like an amusement park. Go get in line for the car you want to drive (Mostly GM, but had some competition there as well). Then take it out for a spin! Their courses are small, and you can't get out of 2nd or 3rd gear in most of 'em, but it was really fun to drive the SSR, Corvette... Even a Hummer H2! I got a lot of pictures, but don't have the webspace to put them up at the moment. I'll get 'em here soon though. Did anyone else go? I went in Raleigh NC... may drive up to DC in 2 weeks JUST to do it again!

Only "Negative" experience the whole time was when driving a 9-5 Aero. Got a lecture for knocking over a couple cones and tearing up tires. :oops: Drove all the Saabs, and even got my friend to admit that he liked the drive. :)

Anyone going to the one in DC?


10-05-04, 08:24 PM - The likes of a Josh sitting in a 'Vette! :cheesy: - Interrior of the SSR. - Standing next to... some strange Sweedish car. :x - Uh. I wasn't getting into that hummmer. :oops: It was a fun drive. :) - Yum. Aero. ;)

If there's any problems with the pics lemme know.

**** EDIT : Freeservers is silly... can't remote link. If you copy and paste the link, it'll work. Sorries about that! ****

10-05-04, 10:19 PM
no workie. :nono;

is there a link to sign up for the GM event. i did it last year and would be willing to do it again.

11-05-04, 11:37 AM
I'll post the link later tonight. Gotta find it. :) I'm posting from work atm.

Be well!