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: Claremont Saab Run 10th July 2004 - Claremont, NH

27-04-04, 08:38 PM
It's official... The first annual Claremont Saab Run will be on Saturday, July 10th, 2004. The registration is free but if you would like a T-shirt it will be 5 dollars. I will need your shirt size and stuff...

Register now at the link below.

Every registrant will receive a goody bag as well ;) We will go out to eat at a place called The Anchorage in Sunapee, NH. They have an online menu, here....

The Details!

Place: Claremont, NH at Amsource on Maple Ave
Time: The run will start at apx. 10:30am
Date: July 10, 2004 - Saturday
Contact: Me, Zach Wallace either by AIM, E-mail, or PM

I hope to see everyone there! :) :cheesy:

28-04-04, 03:58 AM
so what will we be doing? just going for a ride or other fun stuff? and is it any saab is welcome or is it geared towards a specific crowd?

28-04-04, 12:08 PM
Any Saab is welcome.... Vintage or New.... Beat or show... :) The run will consist of some views and twisty roads... We will then show our cars off in a parking lot on our city's main strip in the middle of the run.... Then we will go get some food at The Anchorage, come back and finish the run..... People then can come over and hang out and my house if they wish... It should be fun :)

28-04-04, 12:33 PM
that sounds pretty good! wanna hear something funny... im in concord and i have no idea how far away claremont is! hahaha

28-04-04, 01:21 PM
lol... Claremont is probably around 45 minutes from Concord.... maybe 1 hr... It isnt a bad drive either.... just take 89 to RT 11 :) ... It brings you right in to Claremont... Just mapquest it hehe ;)

28-04-04, 02:18 PM
oh yeah, ive been there before. it was a long time ago, but ive been there. do you happen to know what exit off 89?

28-04-04, 02:22 PM
It is the exit past King Rd or something like that... It is the exit after New london... I forget the number though... i would have to look lol :P

28-04-04, 04:34 PM
yeah, that sounds pretty cool tho, i just may do that!

04-05-04, 11:45 PM
hey, are mainers allowed ? :)
how far is it from the nh/me border ?

05-05-04, 12:48 AM
Anybody with a Saab is allowed... and Ogunquit, ME is about 3 hours from here... Kittery is bout 2 1/2 ....

05-05-04, 11:01 AM
For those coming from points southeast of Claremont via Routes 93 and 89, you will be best off taking Route 103 at Exit 9 on Route 89 in Warner, NH and taking Route 103 into Newport, NH where it intersects with NH-11. NH-11/103 takes you into Claremont on Washington Street. Zach, would you like to tell the kids how to get to Amsource via Washington Street?

94 Aero
74 Sonett
95 Cannondale M400
82 Feet

05-05-04, 01:31 PM

From Washington Street....
Continue to follow NH-103/NH-11.
Turn RIGHT onto TREMONT ST/NH-103 W/NH-11 W. <0.1 miles
Enter next roundabout and take 3rd exit onto PLEASANT ST. 1.0 miles
Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto MAPLE AVE. 0.3 miles
Stay on MAPLE AVE. 0.3 miles

Amsource will be on your Right next to Jiffy Mart :wink:

11-07-04, 07:32 PM
So if anyone wants to see the pics / etc from this meet, check them out here--

note, you may need to be logged on to see the pictures, but they are well worth it. great shots! Here are 2 I uploaded onto my server so I could post em up here. neither one was taken by me, but IMO, they were some of the best of the bumch. Like I said, if you want to see them all, check them out on the link above.

A Thanks to Zach for setting up the meet, great job!