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: Sylvania Cool Blue vs. Starlight:

25-04-04, 03:20 PM
Anyone have any direct comparisons?

Ive been looking at possibly changing out all four of my headlamp bulbs on my 9-5 and these are the last two bulbs to make the cut.

Any suggestions?


P.S. I have also been looking on ebay for bulbs, and cant seem to find anything but these real cheap (looking) Euro Dezigns bulbs that claim to be 6000k... hmmm if these are real someone let me know.


26-04-04, 09:08 AM
Put Osram Silver Star in the other half's 9000. Much better than the originals.
I know you are in the US but look at
They show a few comparisons on what's out there!

M. :)

26-04-04, 06:58 PM
Alright... but lets say I want to have that semi fake HID looking effect...

Would the Silver Star or Starlight have this effect as well as being much lighter?

27-04-04, 03:13 AM
Only know about the Silver Star. Answer is no, the output is just very white. Any blueish tint (ie Philips Blue Vision) will reduce the amount of light on the road!


27-04-04, 10:36 AM
Thanks for the help... I still need to figure out which bulbs im going to use...


29-04-04, 11:26 AM
I agree w/2Turbos. Cool Blues are not as Bright as Sylvania Silverstars. The comparison on the package will even show you. I just put SilverStars in my Infiniti suv to mimic the illumination of my Saab 9-5. The whiteness of the light is there, but the illumination is not as good as my Saab(standard setup,not optional Zenons). It is however brighter/clearer than stock. I'm satisfied & saved about 50%vs. retail on Ebay.


17-05-04, 11:13 PM
hey everyone, ya I bought those 6000k bulbs off ebay. they definitly have a bluer tint then my silverstars,
but aren't as bright. my advice would be get the silverstars, if you really want blue and bright, get yourself a pair of PIAA spark blue bulbs. they usually run 80 to 90 bucks on ebay