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: Manual Boost Control....Anyone got one installed?

1st July 2002, 04:29 AM
Hi all..

I have been reading alot on how turbo's work, alot is said regarding benefits of installing a boost controller (auto or manual) to make you boost level more precise or to increase you boost.

I would appreciate opinions/examples of installed boost controllers.

Thanks Heaps.

P.S. I hope one day I will have knowledge to share back with the group, but for the moment I will be asking all the questions.

Turbo Banana
1st July 2002, 10:36 AM
I fitted an Abbott item to my '91 T16S last year - excellent piece of kit. Two things to say, however:

1. If you have cruise control, it will not work (APC system cannot judge accurately how hard the car is accelerating so you get a wave-like sensation that will make your passengers throw-up...)

2. To set it up, adjust it so the max boost is just shy of the point where the fuel cut-off comes in.

Abbott will have you believe these items are only available from them, however they are readily available in the aftermarket.

1st July 2002, 12:58 PM
Just out of interest banana, are you still on your first gearbox with your 224,000 miler?

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1st July 2002, 01:01 PM
Ive had one fitted for months now and i can say that the cruise does work!, the only thing is that when on cruise i think there is a boost limiter so you dont hit full boost when resuming speed thats been previoulsy set.
I quite like the fact that when i hit the resume button i take off a warp speed!


Turbo Banana
1st July 2002, 04:33 PM

Funny you should ask...

The 224,000 miler had a new box at 190,000 (the only change it has had - I don't think the head has even been off, although I bought it at 210,000).

My Monte Convertible has now had 3 gearboxes since I've had it. When bought (108K) it had a notchy change and it leaked. I stupidly got a firm of "specialists" in London to fit a reconditioned one. They will remain nameless because they did not do the job asked and I may well still sue them. It now has its second box from Tom at Hagstrom Saab, Norwich, after the first one he fitted - as a stopgap - became noisy. Thism on seems fine.