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: Complete Car Swap and the troubles so far!

22nd April 2004, 10:08 AM
I recently purchased an 88 SPG of ebay in hopes to replace my struggling 1987 900t which blew its 4th gear but still is very drivable. The SPG had too much body work to be done and too much rust for me to handle. Now I want to swap the entire 88 to the 87. The 88 SPG that I purchased came with an ericcson tranny(5sp), rebuilt engine, blue series injectors, red box spg(group9), gray leather interior, and of course the SPG kit. I also acquired a SPG Whale Tail from my local junkyard for the astonishing price of 13.99, and a rear center valence for the saab. The question that I have is that, the clutch is slipping but when i depress the cluth pedal I hear a small hissing noise coming from inside the engine bay. I am wondering if that means it is low of clutch fluid, or there is another problem with the clutch. I also want to hear any advice for any problems that I might encounter on the swap, I am swapping almost a complete car into another car and if there is any difference between the wiring harness of the 88 to the 87? Also are there any upgrades that you guys would believe be neccessary to install while the engine is out and anyways that I can increase HP over what parts I have listed. Thanks for your help.

Steve Fleeger
Junkyard Saab

22nd April 2004, 02:57 PM
Small hissing noise when the clutch is depressed is the throwout bearing going bad.

When you throw the ericsson gearbox in your 87, you will want to put in a new clutch, pressure plate, clutch slave assembly, and throwout bearing, (because after you go through the work, you won't want to do it all over again in 3 months because you skimped on the clutch parts.