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: advice please on ebay sale

19th April 2004, 01:37 PM
Could someone have a look at this ebay sale and tell me what they think? Would it be possible to use these springs with standard shocks or not and if not which ones would be the ones to get? Also how can you tell they are what he says they are?

19th April 2004, 04:06 PM
You would save yourself about 50.00 over 'new' Eibach Springs, so it can't be bad! The guy can't spell Hirsch! They will be stamped with part numbers. Can't tell you what these are off the top of my head. Ask him what is stamped on the springs.

You could use them with standard Saab dampers, but the Saab dampers are rubbish really and will be well past their sell by date if they have done a few miles, so not recommended.

Koni's! :cheesy: