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: NY Auto Show: Pic Requests, Anyone?

08-04-04, 05:56 PM
I posted this on the Car and Driver message board earlier today, and thought I'd extend it to everyone here at SaabCentral.

As many of you know, the NY Auto Show begins tomorrow. I'll be there bright and early, camera in hand. If anyone has a special request of a car they'd like to me to photograph, I will be happy to oblige. Of course, I have already been recruited by Simon to provide a plethora of 9-7x photos.

Let me know here! :D

08-04-04, 06:00 PM
I'm going there on the 17th :) But my camera's rubbish! Will look forward to seeing your pics.

08-04-04, 06:24 PM
Anything interesting on the Volvo stand please! :)

08-04-04, 06:43 PM
Pretty please:

Lotus Elise
Chrysler Crossfire
Infiniti G35 Coupe
Volvo S60R
MG SV (if it is there)


08-04-04, 11:27 PM
Pictures of the:

aston amv8 vantage
mercedes slr
porshe carrara gt
audi lemans quattro
new shelby cobra

would be awesome



09-04-04, 12:38 AM
any realy cool cars.Perferably with V8s and RWD.
*hint hint*

09-04-04, 01:08 AM
Why are guys asking for all these different cars. Most of the cars you have listed are on the street. :-? There are plenty of pics of these cars on the net also.

19-04-04, 08:25 PM
I should have a couple of pics of the 9-2 and 9-7 in my camera. Was getting pretty busy by the time I found the Saab stand, so they probably aren't great. First time I've seen anything of either of the two models (not looked in the forums). I'm not an SUV person, but I was quite impressed with the look of the Saabaru :)

Spent most of the time looking at SUV's though as my friend is shopping for one :) That GM Envoy XUV is quite funky!

19-04-04, 10:33 PM
so, what's the result? any good ones?

22-04-04, 07:02 AM
Won't know until I've finished the film and got it developed :) Still a little old fashioned here :cheesy:

Got to find something to take 10 pics of now...

23-04-04, 07:55 AM
Won't know until I've finished the film and got it developed :) Still a little old fashioned here :cheesy:

Got to find something to take 10 pics of now...


23-04-04, 09:22 AM
Can't really justify spending money on a digital camera when I have a reasonable old fashioned one that has served me so well for so long. only a cheapo fuji thing, but it generally produces great pics (except in big open dark spaces cos the flash is too weak, and when the film has gone through hold luggatge x-ray instead of hand luggage (ask me how I know...)

I have a 1megpixel camera for taking pics of the car etc. for parts location. It;s not much cop for anything else though!

23-04-04, 04:48 PM
understood. i still use film when i am feeling creative, but the digital is so liberating because i can "develop" the film whenever i want and i don't have to wait to rewind!

24-04-04, 04:44 PM
Here you have it:


24-04-04, 06:04 PM
its the first pic that i actually see of the 9-2x where it doesnt look cheap. I actually thought it looked a lot better than it looked in previous pictures. For the 9-7, all i can say is what have they done. The 9-3 hatch is just incredible

30-06-04, 08:39 AM
It's been a while, but I finally finished the film!

Nothing to spectacular picture wise, but ehre you are anyway: