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: New Saab 9-6??

5th April 2004, 08:04 PM
I read this at vwvortex.
This was something that popped up in one of the local papers here in Melbourne. Apparently GM is going to let Saab use the next all new Holden Commodore platform to create a large RWD luxury sedan (just as Opel will use it for their next Omega). The VE Commodore is due in 2006, and will be all new (about time!). It will also use the new alloy V6s that we're going to build here, and which are already available in the Caddy CTS. These engines will range in size from 2.8L - 3.8L and have turbos as an option. They will be used in many GM products world wide, from Opel to Alfa (!). Holden will most likely only use the 3.8L version locally as we've come to expect at least that amount in a family sedan, if not larger (kinda stupid, but what do I know, I like European cars ).
GM believes this will give Saab the advantage is needs to compete with Mercedes and BMW.

With a bit of luck you guys in the US will get some decent RWD family sedans from GM as well

Can anyone find the actual article? A RWD 9-5 replacement sounds awesome!

5th April 2004, 08:39 PM
Okay, so where is the 9-6 coming from? We have know Saab has been evaluating the Zeta platfrom for the next 9-5, but I have not seen anything about a 9-6. That would be good for a large coupe and convertible though, something to compete againt the new 6.

al aero
6th April 2004, 03:19 AM
From The Herald Sun website

Commodore help for Saab

The new Saab may just have some GM heritage, writes, Paul

THE next all-new Commodore could be a transplant donor for Saab.

European reports of a Holden-based Saab flagship are growing more widespread and detailed each month, with work on the next Swedish 9-5 about to kick into top gear.

The new 9-5 should be on the road in 2007, which means there will be plenty of time to pick up parts and technology from the VE Commodore due in local showrooms next year.

Holden is already set to supply its new Global V6 engine to Alfa Romeo in a General Motors plan to cross-pollinate its various brands and divisions.

Saab is being tipped to benefit from VE Commodore development work that could also be shared with Buick, which also needs a large rear-wheel drive – or all-wheel drive – vehicle for its product lineup.

But it's unlikely that the Commodore will just be a badge-engineering job for Saab.

The cash-strapped Swedish company has picked up and re-badged a Subaru Impreza wagon and Chevy four-wheel drive for the US, but that's only a short-term fix to boost sales and representation in America.

It's extremely unlikely the “Saabaru” 9-2 path will be chosen again. Instead, Saab could take the various component sets in the VE – engine, all-wheel drive system, suspension, brakes, cabin – and apply them to the 9-5.

“One of the benefits of General Motors' ownership is that it provides Saab with access to various GM engineering divisions,” Saab Automobile Australia spokesman Paul Ellis says.

“The important thing isn't so much the origin of the mechanical package, but that the car looks, feels and drives like a Saab.”

While mum on model plans at Saab, Ellis admits the flagship 9-5 is getting very old.

“We need to bring new cars to market. That is happening in the US,” he says.

Though not confirming a link between Saab and Holden, Ellis admits “everything is under consideration”.

Herald Sun

2nd May 2004, 11:03 PM
and another article.