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: 1989 9000cde ACC Problem / sunroof

19th June 2002, 10:32 AM
i have just purchased a saab 9000 cde turbo automatic... but have some niggles...

to keep it simple... it the acc unit isn't working anymore.. no fan at any speed...
any ideas other than a replacement unit.

also sunroof only opens in vent mode and not fully... any ideas..???

25th July 2002, 10:54 PM
Re. sunroof

It might be the contacts on the switch.
These instructions should help.

This afternoon the sunroof on my 3 day old '91 9KCD stopped closing. I manually cranked it closed, hit the switch and it would open again, but not close. I cleaned the contacts and all was fine.

I found a 1-1/2" putty knife to be a good way to loosen the seam between the console and the switchbox. It also helps release the interior latches of the switch box. In both cases I was working the putty knife parallel to the sides of the switchbox.

Chris Nye
26th July 2002, 02:57 PM
Hello mate,I might be able to help, I had the same prob myself, I've only had mine about 3 week's and i got it off an old dear who didn't know how to use it!! anyway all that was wrong with mine was where it hadn't been used for a long time the motor had seised, so I took some of the bolts out on the plastic cover, drivers side lifted the corner and hit the fan casing with a hammer :smile:) honest it works sound now try it before u buy a new fan, hope that help.